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    Oxford Gaming Club

    Oxford Gaming Club
    North Oxford Association Community Centre
    Diamond Place
    Oxford , UK
    OX2 7DP

    We play on Monday nights 19:00 - 22:00 & have about 6 regular KoW players....
    Play KoW in Oxford, UK @


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      Hello, me and a couple of others are now playing KoW at the on Tuesday night in Preston, Lancs, England. Feel free to post over on the Warriors forum or PM me here if you fancy a game.
      Also could I be added to the NW group on here? I can get to the North West gaming center in Stockport relatively easily too.

      ​The Ribble Warriors will meet at the Frenchwood Social Club every Tuesday evening from 7:00 till closing time.
      The Frenchwood Social Club
      Strawberry Gardens,
      Bence Rd,
      PR1 4N

      Approach from Frenchwood Avenue via the A6.(Don't use Hillside Road)
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        South London Warlords - (you know, the guys that run this gig every year...)

        We are currently in our third annual Kings of War League competition with a knockout finishing format. The Competition is run by the very experienced Phil Portway, the Warlords Chairman.
        We can be found at ...
        Mantic, making tabletop gaming cheaper and more accessible to the masses. Philanthropy at it's finest.


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          London Gamers in Richmond, on the District Line and Overground rail.
          Can be found in the St Johns building, in the Deer Park Car park just 200 metres beyond the main Richmond station.
          Run by 'Soapy' who many of you may know a sa long time sculptor who has done shed loads of work for Gripping Beast over the years. He still works the shows with GB.
          Monday nights from 6-30pm until late. Free parking after 6pm in the carpark.
          Keen Kings of War and Dungeon Saga players here...

          Mantic, making tabletop gaming cheaper and more accessible to the masses. Philanthropy at it's finest.


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            KINGS OF WAR being played monthly at 6s2Hit in EDINBURGH.

            Check the 6s2Hit Facebook Events Page, or search for my posts on this forum.

            I've added the store and myself to the Mantic Club, Group and Opponent finder map.

            Game on!

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            I'm on WannaRUMBL


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              Mantic seem to have a really poor relationship with my flgs every time I order from them to help support them it takes weeks for anything that they have to order from mantic to arrive if it ever arrives and the stock the carry is very limited. I use firestorm games in cardiff to play most of my games now but it is hard to get hold of new mantic items


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                I help organise a gaming Club every Monday night 6:30pm - 10pm in Wimborne Dorset. We have 10 KoW players and always looking for more. It is Warborne Gamers Club. You can find us on Facebook and we have our own website. If you need any more information, please let me kno


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                  Where were you guys when I lived in England?
                  Or why did I decide to start playing KoW when I moved to the bloody continent?