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Hail to you from Reno, Nevada

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  • Hail to you from Reno, Nevada

    Greetings everyone!

    I have been playing some form of table top wargame or other fro around 12 years. Started out with Warhammer Fantasy and just escalated (rather quickly) from there! My main combat force and my first love really is that of the Old Empire! I have somewhere in the 60k range for points cost and have a very heavily themed army list. Lots of conversions.

    When the unspeakable happened and the demons finally infiltrated the Electors and Generals of the Allied Forces, the world as we know it came to an abrupt and violent end. Lost in the void I traveled for many years, trying my hand at odd games here and there. Until suddenly, a light appeared in the ever increasing darkness of wargaming. I reached out and was pulled heartily into the realm of Kings of War! (Enough of the dramatics)

    I have been playing Kings of War for quite some time now, having converted over entirely and actually switching over to an evil army, Empire of Dust. I have had quite a blast playing these games and I absolutely love the rules associated with. I have even been able to convert a friend of mine to join the ranks as well. He's even started working on his Salamander army to try and get tournament ready, assuming we can find some good places to stand a battle flag, of course.

    Well, that's about it for me for now! Gotta get back to a super secret project I'm working on for my Empire of Dust army.

    Hope to see many of you on the battlefield!


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    Welcome to the madness!

    You're not terribly far from me (Near Mt.Lassen east of Redding, CA) we have a small group out here.

    If you travel/go to tournaments I know Jeremy Duvall and crew are very active in the San Francisco area as well as Sacramento (I think?).


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      I might have to check them out if I'm ever in their area. Thanks for the heads up

      Never been out to your neck of the woods, how is it out that way?