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New player from Dublin, Ireland

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  • New player from Dublin, Ireland

    Hello, everyone I'm new to KoW but have been interested for a while now. I used to play Warhammer back in the day but got frazzled by the End Times. I liked what I read about Mantica so decided to try my hand here.

    I'm not part of a gaming group at the moment, so so far I guess I'm in the collecting/army building for the fun of it stage. Hopefully that will change at some point though!

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    Welcome. Any army you are interested to get in? Have you played any game yet or have someone to play with for some test runs?


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      Thanks for the welcome. Alas no test runs, or (as yet) potential players but I'm sure I'll find some at some point and I think I have a reasonable grasp of the rules from Youtube.

      I'm actually trying to narrow down a choice on armies, since so many of them look tempting. It has been a long time since I played Warhammer but I still have a few Bretonnians and Empire type miniatures around so one of the human armies could be very possible - I like both the Brotherhood and the League of Rhordia for their knights and halflings respectively. I like the background of Basilea a lot but I'm not sure about the official models.

      On the other hand I have a strong soft spot for dragons and elves and the idea of units of elves on dragon back (alright drakon back, but still) is very tempting.. I'm so-so on the Mantic models though.