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New Players in Huntsville, AL, USA Area

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  • New Players in Huntsville, AL, USA Area

    Hi all!

    My wife and I have just started getting into Kings of War. I have been a fan of the Warhammer (both WHFB and WH40K) for a long time, though I never really played any of the tabletop games. I recently started looking at non-GW options in wargaming and came upon Kings of War. It turned out that KoW has a lot of what I loved in WHFB but at a more reasonable price and with fluff that I find more appealing (I personally like the idea of having actual "good guys" in a game world). Also, the gameplay suits my wife (who is also a gamer) and I very well.

    So far, we haven't run into anyone who plays KoW at the local game shops, but we are not giving up. We're going to get our armies painted up and take them in to play at our nearby store. My wife is starting with the Basileans and, to give her a proper opponent, I am going to run Empire of Dust.

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    Check out Facebook for the "The SEC KOW region for the Masters" group. Don't let the name throw you. It is a good resource for KoW in GA, FL, AL, TN and KY.


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      Thanks, fon! I am looking into that now.


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        There are several players between Birmingham, Nashville, Chattanooga and Atlanta. Huntsville even has a 2 day GT coming up later in the year, based on last year's dates.

        I'm sure you can find some players fairly close on the FB group.


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          Yes, I did find that tournament when I was googling around about KoW in Huntsville. I am not anywhere near ready for tournament play, but it would probably be a good way to meet the players in this area and just see a good game played.


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            Kings of War tournaments around here are for fun. You'll love it if you go. On May 19 and 20, there is a large tournament in Nashville (about 2 hours north of you). Several Huntsville players will be there. If you want to come up, you can see what's up and get introduced to the local players. I live in Chattanooga, and we play about every other week there if you are interested just PM me.


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              Thanks, Necronbob. I don't think I can make it to this one, but it is really nice to know that it's a good scene