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The Great Migration of a Sad Beastman Tribe and Hello From the Great State of Maine!

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  • The Great Migration of a Sad Beastman Tribe and Hello From the Great State of Maine!

    It had been a long, harrowing journey for the Beastmen. Their Herdstones (tm) had been cast down, their Flying Doombulls suddenly visited by Flying Carpet Company Repossession agents.

    "Yes, you are welcome in the new system," they'd been told, "and you can even keep your square bases if you really want to." But they could by the look in the eyes of those who called themselves Gods that they were no longer welcome in this new land of oversize models in clunky, strangely familiar space-age armor and no clear guarantee that the army they would be fighting against wouldn't contain nine elven princes on dragons who would then summon nine more elven princes on dragons, who would then summon a Greater Demon just because. But of course, the Old World hadn't been kind to them either, especially not in the hands of their own, personal incompetent Tribal God, who had led them to a 2-6 tournament record. Eyes cast down and horns drooping, they left the Old World (tm) for good.

    And so they journeyed long and far, searching for a new home. Many of them were lost along the way, others were reconstituted into new tribal allegiances. They made friends with a chimera!! "Great!" said their Shamans. "Now we no longer have to go through the incredibly painful process of turning into one just for a single glorious turn of combat after which we are generally slain anyway." Finally, they crested the last, backbreaking mountain range and peered down through the mists into the verdant land below, where two dozen armies fought reasonably balanced combats according to understandable and intuitive rules at a fraction of the price.

    "Are we there yet?" the beast packs in the back asked.

    "Stop asking that!" the chieftains said. But they couldn't hide the hope and wonder in their brays. For it truly did seem that they were there.


    Hey All,

    Am a 40-yr old gamer living in the Portland Maine area. Up for friendly games, campaigns/leagues, tournament prep. Just Herd for now, but might start up another army if I end up playing regularly. If you live in Maine (or NH) and want to get a game in, give me a shout!


    p.s. I actually have no problem with Age of Sigmar. It looks fun in its own way.
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    AoS age of (I will be nice this once).

    Welcome to a better tatcical game that rewards sharp movements. Punishes sloppy play.

    I like your style of writing, its good to include some humor in your word play. Welcome just a shame your a few dozen states away for games.


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      I liked the story!

      Good luck with the games!


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        Welcome, nice introduction!

        For the Herd!


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          Thanks for the replies!


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            I came over too man,

            And I'm really enjoying KoW, it's very flexible for us older gamers. No real problems that pop up from time to time, no expensive "got to have it" rules and figures. Do what you want with what you want.



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              Nice intro, welcome to the forums.

              Click here for Oh FourFootSnake... A KoW Podcast by myself, Jon, Nick and Matt.

              Click here for the free KoW (V2) Rules, FAQ's and Errata.


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                Hello Rusty!


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                  Welcome to Kings of War my friend! where you will find your swift hooved hard hitting beast abominations are a perfectly good tactical army that your opponent will truly dread the concerningly fast approach of.

                  I really love the Beastmen, Im a 100% chaos fanboy and in my mind they are the true children of chaos, we are the real chaos army. Were so Chaos we get mad when people stack rocks too neatly. We're so Chaos we think wild animals are too civilized. Were so Chaos the Dark Gods dont even need to ask. In Kings of War we have a satisfyingly effective army that does what we always should have been able to do: be fast, benefit from terrain, and do damage like no ones business for a competitive point cost.

                  Long Live The Old World!