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What is wrong with the KoW Battle Compendium epub?

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    All in all, while I'm not against a digital only release (I'm very much for it as it means cheaper overhead for Mantic), I think in the future if it's not formatted and laid out like a proper book at least, I'll be passing. To me, even after resolving my issues, this is unusable.


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      Thanks Andrew! I had the similar problem but was not aware it is due to the fact my software did not read EPUB3 properly. I tried EpubReader, ReadEra and Lithium on Android but only recommended by you Gitden works fine. Especially interactive content such as links to special rules now work very well.

      I wonder if it is possible to add that information to Mantic Digital website in the product description, i.e. what software you recommend to use for the Compendium. I think that would help to avoid disappointments.
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      Swordsmaster could try taking less units


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        The mobi version has som issues as well, it get wonky near the end, and the clock is (naturally) not working, it sends me back to start. Same thing happens when I try to read stuff at the very end of the book. The most important parts, the rules etc. works fine though, in this is far more easy to navigate than the other mobi files from mantic.


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          With the news that new stuff is coming to the compendium (from Facebook discussion on FAQ), has anyone had success in opening this on a PC with Edge? It seems like the only way to do it is to make Edge my default, because it isn't launched via a traditional .exe, so I can't associate a file type with it.

          And the idea of making Edge my default sends shudders up my spine.


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            I have not been able to read the file in an useful way with Readium, as Readium insists on using two colums, stat blocks be damned.
            iBooks crash when you follow quicklinks, but can otherwise use the file.

            For more complete samplings of the errors in the Battle compendium, see


            The Battle compendium is just an epub file, that is NOT encrypted (THANK YOU MANTIC)

            Epub is just zipped xhtml and friends, so I can extract the file, fix the errors and zip it. Then I would have a working epub.

            On an Ubuntu machine (but this should really work on any machine), I just extracted the file and opened the xhtml files with Firefox. This works, and the links actually works now.

            As for stripping out the pictures, it should be really simple to write a small script to remove the <figure> tags from all xhtml files, and then delete all picture files, and zip it to an epub again.

            I am not clear on whether or not I would be allowed to distribute this to other Battle Compendium owners, and if my version would be tournament legal? Could someone, preferably from Mantic, weight in on that?