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UK Clash of Kings 2017

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    Just a warning to those attending Clash of Kings. You will see from the rules pack that the tournament organisers offer a service to look at your army in advance and see if it meets their criteria. I have just completed a Herd army with a dinosaur theme and even though all models are MMC and on the correct sized bases, Mantic has turned my army down.

    To avoid disappointment on the day when the tournament organiser will ask you to remove models that do not meet the criteria, I suggest that you take the opportunity to get your army checked in advance at


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      Well Iíll be... Did they give any reason?


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        Edzig, There was concern that the army could confuse opponents as to which unit was which during battles. There is a detailed discussion on this on KoW Fanatics. I have switched back to my conventional Herd army.


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          Super stoked to get to see yall here in a few short days!
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