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[DISCUSSION] Discretion is the better part of Valor

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  • [DISCUSSION] Discretion is the better part of Valor

    I have heard it a few times, and seen it a few times, Vanguard is a deadly game. I feel most will see their warband numbers cut to half in most matches. There are many reasons for this:

    3' x 3' space with 10-15 models will see a lot of double teaming
    Group Charging
    Power Dice buffing

    But these things are FUN, and make Vanguard a bit unique in this genre.

    However, this is going to have a campaign associated with it, meaning that each of those many losses will see a chance they die or are injured. Unless controlled somehow, it could get very disheartening to a player with a string of bad luck.

    So I suggest adding in a way to allow the player to retreat his entire warband mid-game to prevent further potential losses. Yes they forgo some/all of the rewards, but, allow the player to prevent an entire table wipe. Rolling after a game on EVERY model to see if they live or die is not fun. currently a player getting trounced has no recourse but to stay and take it.


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    Until the campaign rules are at least released for our perusal its difficult to say. Will it be that grunts are just replaced forcing you to play strategically with the warriors and characters. Use the fodder and then reap the glory with the main ones. Like in history. Or as you say will there be some kind of chart to roll on with say a minus to movement or something similar if you are "killed" in the game. This only works if you can 1. sell the character that's now limited or 2. Pay a healer to unsurprisingly "heal" your character/ warrior. I'm not sure at this time Vanguard lends itself to character development due to the way the stats work. If you have a character with 3+ melee for example where do you go from there. All of a sudden you have a combat monster that can still die as quickly as a grunt. I think it will be more along the lines of if you win you can force an opponent to deploy 2 models or something like that in the next scenario. The difficulty is with games that rely on exploding mechanics is that even a lowly grunt can get lucky and take out a character that you have spent the entire campaign growing. I look forward to seeing how they proceed with campaigns and character growth.
    I personally would like to see weapon finds or magic items that can be passed from warrior to warrior after if someone falls in battle. Also similar to KOW with one use items that would boost but not unbalance the game. Perhaps set amount of "Gold" after a battle that could be spent next time on items.


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      I could see Grunts never improving and thus just replaced after a battle, and Warriors and up removed as casualties during a game rolling on a table to see if they just miss a game, are ok, or are perma-dead. Likewise, I imagine victories giving gold to purchase things like bows for units with a Ranged value but no equiped ranged weapons and maybe other boosts, like Wine of Elevenkind in KoW but adding a warband special rule requiring Power to use for one match only.


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        In campaigns...

        Grunts don't get experience and are free to replace.
        Players can opt to leave a game rather than be wiped out (like in Deadzone).
        Being "killed" doesn't actually mean a model is dead, or maybe even injured. It just means they take no more part in that game. There will be an injury table.

        So I think everything above is already covered?

        "It's going to be like loading a bucket of sick into a rapid-firing bazooka"


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          Whoa, free grunts? Super interested to see the new point costs your cooking Matt!


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            To start with the points will mostly just double. That gives us the scope to then make balancing changes.

            I'm not really getting anywhere near enough playtest feedback though so at the moment nothing is changing much at all!
            "It's going to be like loading a bucket of sick into a rapid-firing bazooka"


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              This is really a shame hopefully the play test days you have coming up will help kick start the process. (Fingers crossed).


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                Just a handful of people so far...
                "It's going to be like loading a bucket of sick into a rapid-firing bazooka"


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                  I would love to come if I lived in the UK.