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Undead versus Absyyals take two.

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  • Undead versus Absyyals take two.

    Played through another game last night using a home brewed scenario ( see loot ) and again undead won. I have to say the undead are very, very quick across the board - possibly too fast and it doesn't feel very undead.
    Undead warband special ability.
    Surge (2) Nominate a model with the command type in the undead warband, All friendly undead Warrior and grunt models within 9" of the nominated command model may immediatly make a free walk action even if they have already ready activated this round or are fatigued.

    A best (or worst) example of this is - use Surge 2, then run. (Possibly force fatigue for a further move...)
    Ghoul 6" + 12" + (6").
    Total move 18". (24")
    Revenant, Zombies, Skellies.
    4" + 8" + (4")
    Total move 12" (16")
    Of course if you take two Necromancers you could possibly add another walk action...?

    That is some very fast undead! The Ghouls are spectacular. Especially when they also have Back from the Grave as a warband rule. I could see Ghoul spam as a warband. Next outing for the undead isn't until Jan and when I play them I'm going to try playing all grunts as walk only. It'll certainly feel more undead!

    The game itself played well, very little rule checking and those that we did check turned out to be pretty obvious.

    Dave Johns
    George Adshett Knutsen.