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After 4 games playing Dwarf against Abbsyals

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  • After 4 games playing Dwarf against Abbsyals

    First rules comments.
    Very few if any problems, discussion and rules checking seems to concern fatigue. Having said that fatigue adds to the excitement and command choices.
    Knocked down.One 'clunky' moment was when I fireballed a unit and knocked it down. It then stood up and moved by fatigueing - it felt a bit wrong to slap something down only to see it walk around in the next activation! Kinda fun at the same time though especially as it sat on a vp point.
    Could VPs be totalled as the game progresses aka deadzone? In that way someone could be legging off the board having acrued enough points to win? But then it does work as is so....
    One slightly odd feeling situation was when I group actioned three grunts into combat and killed a warrior with the first attacks! It then felt strange to have the frontal attacker limited in the direction it could go - and of course the ones in the side were in a similar situation. Perhaps this is a free 3" move?
    Moving through buildings. We interpreted this as being classed as difficult terrain. In our last game I started to place dwarf crossbows high, mainly to get a better field of vision and to get behind an obstacle - drop a ranger in on a second floor using scout etc. using the terrain in this way felt like a nice development of the game but moving at half speed felt wrong, they are individuals would buidings hinder them? However we might have interpreted it incorrectly.

    Won 3 - One was a whitewash with the dwarfs rolling lucky.
    Ran out of time on the fourth but it was level pegging at the end.

    The dwarf special 'Tactical redeployment' is very very dwarf. however it is also very good. Move 3" and brace is great and by careful positioning I can apply it to the whole warband. It may be to good, perhaps reduce the range of the effect or how far they tactically redeploy? Dwarves also have a 1 in 4 chance of removing fatigue as well so a 3" move plus 8" gives a 11" move plus the chance of removing fatigue should you choose to shoot after running. Should you use Tactical redeployment at the start of your move ( and of course you are going to) then everything is also braced. I'm not sure how well other warbands play so it may be perfectly balanced but it might be worth a second look. Other than the above I think the dwarf army plays as it should very er dwarven!

    The above may not be useful and it certainly isn't meant to be critical. The Alpha rules play brilliantly well, this is fast becoming our favourite game!
    PS love the use of a 3' board, gives you time to manoeuvre aka KoW.
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