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  • What Horde??

    So you have 200 points to spend on a Horde. What do you go for? Revenants? Zombie Legion with rats? Skeletons with brew of sharpness? Skeleton spears with blessing of the gods? Or something else?

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    It depends entirely on what is in the rest of the list. Almost any unit in the game can be used in a successful list, and all of the units you list have benefits (though I wouldn't likely ever put sharpness on skeletons) and minuses. What matter ultimately is the internal consistency within the context of the rest of your list.


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      Donít worry. Iíd never put Sharpness on skeleton. It was just a way of getting them close to 200 as an example. Just wondered what peopleís opinion was. Best 200 point anvil?


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        If all your looking for is a show stopper to hold your enemy in place I have personally seen the Zombie Legion do the job best - if your looking for something to do more then hold the line and actually fight back from what I have seen then you are looking for Revenants.


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          For close to 200pts...

          I personally never leave home without a horde of revenants with rats and the griffon banner (slightly over 200pts though)

          Otherwise I reach for spear-skellies, though I would never put BotG on them. Elite is kinda crap on a Me 5+ unit. Elite gets better the better your Me skill is. BotG works great on werewolves (though I personlly prefer caterpillar brew on them), or soul reavers, for when you REALLY need to kill something in one round.

          Spear skellies with dogs are resilient against many opponents, and have a decent amount of attacks to benefit from their dog upgrade. Would recommend testing out Dragon shard shield on them. For as was discussed elsewhere in this thread, you can halt/pivot, activate shield and then surge. Imagine it on the counter charge, and now your opponent has a De 6+ Phalanx unit to deal with.


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            List I normally take is
            3 rev kings, 1 on a horse, 1 on winged wyrm.
            2 bale fire catapults
            2 regiments of rev cav
            wights regiment
            2 troops of wraiths
            and as a core a Horde of skellies and 2 regiments of skellies with spears (these are based as 4 regiments and I sometimes switch them).
            this leaves me either 35 or 40 points. I then give a healing charm to my standard and either dogs or some cheap items to my Kings
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