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Lykanis: ever worth it?

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  • Lykanis: ever worth it?

    Good day folks

    I have been looking at our hero choices again, and am finding it really hard to see a point in taking the lykanis.

    For the same points you can get:
    - Cursed Pharoah: You loose 4 speed, and your attacks don't double on flanks/rears. But you get straight inspiring, +2 nerve, regen, nimble AND surge(6) with the option for more spells.
    Or if you want a straight road block:
    - Wight King on horse, a bit lower speed and less hitting power, but cheaper, more nerve, inspiring, surge and more spell options.

    I have run him once or twice simply for flavour and I almost always run a horde of werewolves with caterpillar brew, but I just can't seem to find a real use for the Lykanis.

    Does anyone have some positive feedback about him?

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    The cursed pharaoh is much, much slower and the wight king not as hitty, probably slightly better value for the versatility I'll concede.

    You get unit strength 1 and the ability to really menace flanks, those are both reasons. Don't underestimate the first, +1 unit strength for all their heroes has really helped ogre armies in my opinion.


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      Hey dude, I see him as similar to the troll bruiser, he isn't optimal, but he can take objectives and he does score in scenarios, plus his flanking ability with nimble on a small base seems quite useful.

      i'm not an undead player so maybe I have it all wrong? maybe someone better informed can chime in?


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        Yeah it's all about the flanks, and also as emergency road block. with his footprint and non-individual he can block up someone from charging your key unit late game if needed. the rest of the time he can pull off nimble shennanigans like corkscrew charges, or at the double past a unit then nimble pivot to threaten a flank or rear. he shouldn't be running into the front of things. if a revenant king with only 5 attacks hitting on 4s with cs1 runs up past my unit to threaten a flank I'm not going to be too worried. if it's a lykanis, it's 10 attacks instead hitting on 3s with CS2. that's something to worry about.

        for war machine hunting or shooting horde disordering you're probably better off with a cursed pharaoh with wings (i was late to the party on that. i didn't want to take it purely because everyone else was. but then after taking it to try it out it's hard to go back...). for individual hunting the revenant on horse is good.
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          Great feedback

          The_Bag, hey man! Pity we didn't get a game Saturday.

          I completely missed the fact that it is unit strength 1 and can therefore play objectives, that changes him quite a lot in my opinion.

          I see that he is completely about the flanking game, but my issue was that is what my winged pharaoh did for me. Normally have him (with soul leach spell) with werewolves and wraiths. Then I have a inspiring + surge + heal which makes for pretty durable and killy flanks. Generally doesn't join in the fight, because his spell does the damage for him and he can heal.
          But the more I think about it, the more I want to swap him out for a mounted wight king with soul leach. It is not quite as flexible, but should save a few points and achieve roughly the same.

          That being said, I normally win that flank, and then get crushed in the opposite flank. Think I will add the Lykanis for a few games and try him out. Got a game on Thursday, will report back on my experience.


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            Originally posted by Tagakoner View Post

            The_Bag, hey man! Pity we didn't get a game Saturday.

            NOOOO!!! I wanted to win the tournament, and if i played you the best i could do would have been 3rd place.


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              Originally posted by The_Bag View Post
              NOOOO!!! I wanted to win the tournament, and if i played you the best i could do would have been 3rd place.
              Haha, you are selling yourself short. Most of our games last year was during the campaign, where I had a point advantage over you (more often than not)


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                and i was playing orcs, i can;t make them work.
                but no, your playstyle and skill is very hard for me to deal with. soon, we should play again soon.


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                  The_Bag sounds good!

                  So I had a game Thursday evening against elves.
                  I played a bit different army that I am used to, wanted to tryout a few things (like the Lykanis).
                  Game went fine, got myself a victory.
                  Specifically on the Lykanis, it did... fine. For once I did not have my werewolf horde, so my flank consisted of the Lykanis, regiment of Revenant cav and a King of wyrm (no wings). they went up against a horde of Drakon riders, a drakon lord and the green lady in support. I did some maneuvering in such a way that he pretty much only had a charge on my cav, with my lykanis and king threatening flanks.
                  He charged my cav with his drakon horde, and he got a sneaky charge with his drakon lord onto the lykanis that I thought wouldn't be possible. My cav and Lykanis survived, only just! But this allowed my king to get a flank on his horde, and he destroyed them. But my king and cav had some other more pressing matters to deal with, so couldn't help my Lykanis against the Drakon lord. Luckily he fluffed his second charge (Lykan was wavered), and thus they were stuck hitting each other for pretty much the rest of the game.

                  So probably not the best test run for mr Lykan. I think I will try him again sometime, but maybe with Inspr. Talisman. I won't write him off, but also can't give my seal of approval yet. Will try him out again some time.

                  One fact I did learn: Zombies are terrible against elves, but that is for another thread.


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                    He tied up a much more expensive and deadlier unit for an entire game? That's a win.


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                      That is very true.

                      He did hold up a greater threat for most of the game, so value. As I said, I am not writing him off, I just feel like he needs something, though I have not yet figured out what.

                      Further more, I assume his Inspiring (werewolves) doesn't work on himself. Thematically it would make sense if it worked, but rule wise I understand that it doesn't.


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                        Models with the inspiring rule always inspire themsleves, even when it's conditional-this is specifically covered in the rules for Inspiring in the main rulebook. It's a useful asset to have on a fast moving single model like the Lykanis, allowing it to use its speed to full advantage without worrying about keeping in range of a different source of inspiring..


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                          Originally posted by Greybeard View Post
                          Models with the inspiring rule always inspire themsleves...
                          I somehow completely missed that. Well that already makes him significantly better. I was really worried about his nerve.