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Looking at taking Ogres to a 2500 point tournament looking for some advice

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  • Looking at taking Ogres to a 2500 point tournament looking for some advice

    Heya folks, I'm thinking of bringing Ogres to a team tournament at 2500 points. Ive posted quite a few Ogre lists on this forum but am interested in what is the best way to go about building at such a high point value. I am considering running a list that takes advantage of the heroes on chariots and the hell on wheels formation since it significantly boosts the regiments nerve and their footprint is much more manageable than hordes of chariots. Other than that I am not really sure what to do. With the points available I am tempted to dump too much into fast attackers and am wondering if picking up some shooter hordes would be worth it. Heres what I am working with so far:

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    I see the link isn't working. Let me help the list was roughly:

    2 hordes warriors
    2 regiments chariots
    2 regiments of hunters
    1 warlord on chariot
    1 captain on chariot
    1 biggit on mount
    1 Grok
    3 Giants
    2 red gobbo scouts


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      must be honest the list doesn't fill me with dread, but we haven't adopted cok 18 yet so maybe i'm missing something.

      if you are able, buff those hunters to hordes and drop the scouts, inless you're using them as pure screens for the chariots.


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        They are only there as chaff the list I wrote out isn't quite what I want yet. I planned on having the captain on chariot have the banner of the Griffin and of course the list has the hell on wheels formation that gives the warlord and chariots +1 nerve and gives the warlord rally 1


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          The pdf does download. You are playing COK2018 and taking both the new the chariot formation is really as really decent value to take 2 chariot regiments and 1 warlord on a chariot. They can keep up with the giants and the warlord buffs the units with his rally1, so there is good synergy there.

          It is probably a good fun list with the two giants and the chariots able to screen the blaster from threats until it gets into position to actually do something and lets your other units get far enough away from it.

          With the RG scouts, I almost prefer a regiment to a troop for the Unit strength and better nerve/value or simply a bigit that can shoot and is an individual to get less easily shot up. At speed 10 but low nerve, they are too easily shot off the table as troops before they can charge something and disorder it (which is their ideal value as chaff and redirectors). ON the other hand, the chariot regiments can likely screen them and then move out of the way just enough or provide a gap for one or two troops to get a long charge off before they die. Dropping one for a second bigit and to use the saved point to upgrade something else might be a better option with more utility.

          I am not sure you need 3 ASB on chariots or a second ASB or the chariots. You currently have 5 sources of inspiring if you count the biggit, but maybe those ASBs on chariots double as efficient chaff/redirectors and flank threats when you test them out. I'm not sure of the tradeoff of going instead with a captain on chariot with banner on griffin.

          The one issue you have is not a lot of shooting (one bigit) or natural counters to shooting (bigit or allied that is fast and individual or can fly and threaten).

          Hunters don't seem to work for me as regiments. They'd be fine if they got vanguard or were stealthy. I can see them going into difficult terrain for cover and to benefit even more from the ensnare. (I don't get the Grok's scouts formation which seems way overpriced for 2 red goblin regiments and 2 hordes of hunters to just get nimble, The nimble on a horde of red goblins might be worthwhile to allow them to move and shoot without penalty but not regiments.)


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            I probably do not need as many asb as I have I agree, I don't really see how I don't have shooting counters. Trying to shoot down 3 Giants before they hit is quite the challenge.


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              Originally posted by Jackfrost View Post
              I probably do not need as many asb as I have I agree, I don't really see how I don't have shooting counters. Trying to shoot down 3 Giants before they hit is quite the challenge.
              A counter to shooting is either a faster unit (like Sp 9 or 10 and individual or stealthy or something) that can provide a screen and threaten to rout or disorder a shooting unit or your own shooting (like an Ogre Shooter horde with longer range) to counter their shooting and chaff. A RG bigit mounted is your best option as a threat in that regard. RG scouts in troops tend to fall fast to armies with good shooting and just give up points too often to be great counters to shooting unless they have pathfinder and forests are intervening terrain.

              Rather than taking counters to shooting, you are saying that your strategy is to overwhelm shooting with a lot of targets with high nerve and De and decent speed so that they have to move to avoid getting charged in turn two or have to deploy back. That is a valid point and strategy with giants and sp8 chariots. But that strategy relies on less difficult or impassible terrain (although maybe some hills in between for some cover or even blocking LOS) on the table or being able to get around or avoid such terrain without being slowed down (good for nimble units and giants, not good for wide chariot regiments or hordes) and assumes that they cannot chaff, redirect or threaten flanks or rears in the process. With giants, a cheap height one unit can often chaff or redirect while units behind still get to shoot it. The real problem is the armies with some really long range shooting 36" and 48", especially some indirect fire, that can sit back and drop stuff on your army before it gets into combat (especially the chariot mounted heroes and chariot units). But it is a reasonable gamble. I can attest to the fast that high speed can overwelm a lot of shooty armies.
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                Right I would call overwhelm with a plethora of shot targets with high nerve and defense a counter... But I see your point lol. The most common shooting army is gobbos and the only shooting armies with really scary amounts of piercing are dwarves and kom/ rhordia.

                Terrain is fairly reliable, 2 to 3 shooting lanes openish sides a large block of something in the middle 2 impassibles. Its usually enough to work with. And because tournaments don't usually put terrain (at least not woods or hills) in deployment zones it's fairly easy to estimate the space one has to work with.

                Red goblin scouts are looking less and less usedul unfortunately.