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WH in 15mm

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  • WH in 15mm

    Hi All

    Myself and a few friends are ;looking at maybe doing KOWH in 15mm.

    Are there any tables that show bases sizes / movement rates and ranges for 15mm.

    Also what is the minimum number of models to fit to each base type if you want to be a bit creative.

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    there is a group on fb for this here

    Basically we're at a point where we're trying to decide where we should go, as there are different possibilities, like:
    -divide every single measurment, base size, etc, by 2
    -keep everything except it is now in cm instead of inch (i like this one better, as you can still build your armies with a regular army buier, like kow easy army, and the stats will be correct)
    - keep everything as is, and chug as many little guys as you can on those bases, to have real armies going to war.

    for the second one, the base sizes still need to be either devided by 2.5 (like an inch) or by 2.

    Edit: btw you're missing KO at the begining of your title
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      What size table are you playing 15mm on ?