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  • Friendly games, characters in chariots

    My gaming group plays a lot of Bronze Age era miniature games. We have been enjoying the Fantasy lists and are beginning to mix the Historicals into games of Fantasy. (Ancient Egypt vs Empire of Dust for example). I am not a math wiz and hope someone can give me some insight into the costs of putting additional Historical characters (like the generals and heroes) on chariots. The speed would increase to 8, the base size would change to large cavalry, they would lose the individual rule and gain Thunderous Charge (2). Any opinions or insights would be welcome. Thanks

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    Well for an Orc it costs 55 points to upgrade a krudger from foot to chariot. With that he gets +2 Speed, gets +2 Attacks, gets two extra points on Nerve and gets TC 2 but loses Individual.

    An elf prince on the other hand costs an extra 30 points. He gets +2 Speed, gains ranged attacks, gets +1 Attack and gets TC2 but loses Individual and loses one point of Defence. No changes to Nerve.

    I'd say if you were adding +3 Speed, TC2 and losing Individual, as you've described, I think an extra 15-20 points would be fair. I realise this is the same as a horse upgrade in the Historical book, but I think its fair. Over a horse you're getting TC2 but lose Individual. I think that's a fair trade. If you want to make it easier just apply the same logic (same stat changes) that is applied to Elves or Orcs and use their point cost to make the change.


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      Thanks for the response. I'll try It.