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    I'm in the habit of writing battle reports of these on my blog, for my own reflection and personal improvement and increasingly often for nostalgia among friends. Now we've played a few games of Kings of War, and there will be more if we put it that way. Now that I have registered here. I feel its appropriate to make a thread with my own battle reports, in case someone can find something of value here.

    Let's see where it goes!


    First up is our second game - 1500 points of Elves against Twilight Kin!
    Looking around at different fantasy rule sets, its time for Kings of War to get some test runs - as tradition tells, its Elf against Elf time. With Age of Sigmar coming and putting an end to the Warhammer Fantasy progression as we know it, we have taken the opportunity to look around at different…

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    A not-quite batrep came a few weeks ago when a friend surprised me with his recent buy in of 12 rocks, a boulder and some druids. It was his first games, so we decided not to register this to the Edge of the Abyss. The rocks will be added to his dwarves when the time comes, he said. Then he bought some centaurs, and I Jarvis and the Barrow Wights.

    1000 points of Undead vs Forces of Nature
    Another nerd shambles to the battlefields of Mantica, and my Undead gets some fresh ripe air. Kings of War has been thrown around a bit, with me and that druchii "leader" trying to kill elves by the score. Successful we have been, and its been a fun time. Not that we can say we know anything…


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      Were now a bit from our 10th games where things start to count a bit more (you gotta learn at some point, right?). This is the first of our recent two games, the next I'll write up shortly. At this point the value of pathfinder, and the benefit of square shaped regiments is sinking in.

      1000 points of Undead vs Twilight Kin
      The skeletons are out of the closet again, as I and Mr. Easter dive deeper into Kings of War. Only a few days after rocking Kings of War with Keef Ditchards, also known as Chaos Beakie, Mr. Easter, also known as Mr. Twilight Savings, gets a turn of dying. Having played a few demi-mirror matches…


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        Nice blog! Welcome to KOW, and a hearty thanks for writing your reports up - Mantica, Grimdark and otherwise
        BLOODFIRE :: Salamander Battle Reports
        NURGLEKIN :: Ratkin Battle Reports
        INSTAGRAM :: boss_salvage


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          Happy to be here! It seems indeed we are getting some speed into fantasy gaming again now that we have stepped into the portal leading to Mantica!

          On the weekend we fought some more Kings of War in the Edge of the Abyss campaign, so I prioritised writing this battle report to be able to report it on the campaign site. A Battle to End It All, a multiplayer clash between the Forces of Good (repped by Forces of Nature and Dwarfs) and the Forces of Evil (repped by the Undead and the Twilight Kin). We even got our Resident Dwarf (that's a top selling game title!) to join in!
          We jump to the multiplayer battle in the Edge of the abyss, and fool, trick and deceive Naked Dwarf, also known as Bearded Fish-Pup, to try Kings of War. We have been throwing a few Edge of the Abyss challenges around, but no glove has stuck to anybody's face so far. (There's that typical nurgley…


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            These are great man.


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              Thanks, I find writing down battle reports helps me go through the games and learn more! Plus, having a blog has been actually an useful journal for all of our "clubs" players.

              Me and Mr. Easter decided to get in another game for the Edge of the Abyss. I still have to transfer it to the site, but here's the blog version:
              Me and Mr. Easter decide to push for a final battle for the Edge of the Abyss campaign. Here's how it went! It had taken a few times measuring their strengths, but they finally had decided on a scheme to attack the good ones for good. After defeating the forces of good, The Forces of Nature, and…