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Tales of a Stranded Ghekkotah (El_Guardian's Battle Reports)

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  • Tales of a Stranded Ghekkotah (El_Guardian's Battle Reports)

    I've been thinking about compiling my Battle Reports for a while and finally I made just that. Welcome to the:

    Tales of a Stranded Ghekkotah

    1. Ratkin - Dominate 1000 points
    2. Twilight Kin - Pillage 1250 points
    3. Basilea - Pillage 1250 points
    4. Elves - Kill & Pillage 1400 points
    5. Undead - Kill 1500 points Micro stories start here!
    6. Kingdoms of Men - Dominate 1500 points
    7. Forces of Nature - Pillage 1500 points
    8. Orcs - Loot 1500 points
    9. Brotherhood - Eliminate 1500 points

    For all of you that are interested, I always play with Salamanders. Also since game number 5 I've been creating the background for my army in the shape of micro stories at the end of each game, I really hope you enjoy them!!

    Thanks for reading!!
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    Tales of a Stranded Ghekkotah - Salamander Battle Reports

    Odes and Sonnets from an outcast Troubadour - Brotherhood Battle Reports

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    Thanks for posting all your battles in one place. Nice.
    To defend: this is the pact. But when life loses its meaning and is taken for naught,then the pact is to avenge!


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      Good job, saves me having to look through the posts
      The random drivel of a London gamer:


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        New Battle Report is up and running!

        CLICK HERE

        Hope you like it!
        Tales of a Stranded Ghekkotah - Salamander Battle Reports

        Odes and Sonnets from an outcast Troubadour - Brotherhood Battle Reports

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          I've decided to publish the Battle Reports in this actual thread instead of just linking them here, I think it's just a more elegant solution. Without further ado, here is my latests reprto, hope you like it!!

          I managed to get an old friend of mine back into the game, he was actually the one person that introduced me into KoW in the first place and now I get to switch roles, check it out:

          Twilight Kin

          - Army Standard Bearer with Banner of the Griffin
          - Dark Lord on Dragon

          - Regiment of Dark Knights with Caterpillar
          - Horde of Spearmen
          - Horde of Crossbowmen with Piercing
          - Regiment of Blade Dancers with Hammer of measured Force (this things are REALLY scary)
          - 2 Troops of Gargoyles

          Very balanced army, with a lot of everything. I really like this list for a good reason, I designed it actually.


          - Skylord
          - Mage-Priest with Surge and Inspiring Talisman
          - Hearld on Raptor with the Banner of the Griffin

          - Horde of Fire Elementals with Blood of the Old King
          - Horde of Fire Elementals with Wine of Elven-kind
          - Horde of Ancients on Rhinosaurs with Brew of Courage
          - Regiment of Kaisenor Lancers with Catterpillar

          - 2 Lekelidon

          My armies is basically the same as always but I designed this one to survive a first charge, I know I can't beat his speed (was designed to fight the other elf player) so my main focus is take the charge and destroy him in return. I'm also testing two lekelidons vs one lekelidon and Hunters.


          This time there will be no pictures as the the scenography was just cut outs and a mess, sorry.

          He chose to deploy in a wide line, placing the Knights in a nice corridor, I on the other hand chose a more compact formation still trying how to do flank denial the right way and failing BTW


          Being Invade and having first turn I decide to go for it hard, I make sure I'm out of any charge of everything except the Gargoyles and the Dragon, I figured out that if the gargoyles were going to chaff me up, better take that out as soon as possible and if the Dragon wants to take a front charge into my Ancients he is more than welcome to do so. My Skylord is sent on patrol mission to be usefull later on.

          On the shooting phase I surged the Blue FE as far as possible into the forest to try to reach the crossbows as fast as I could, I'm not looking forward to been shot up for 6 turns.


          Well it turns out I suck at pre-measuring as much as I do at deploying, those damned Blade Dancers move 7 and I totally forgot about it or cared to ask my opponent so yeah, they got a charge into my Lancers. I'm prepared to say them goodbye at this point.

          One of his troops of gargoyles charges my FE on the forest to protect his Crossbows another turn and the other just flies to the middle of the board. His Dragon flies to the flank of my Ancients (should have deploys my FE on the flank, each time I say that to myself and still screw it) So now my Ancients don't have a lot of options with the Spearmen pushing in front of them, not the best target for them to be honest.

          The crossbows unleash into the FE and deal 5 points of damage, not enough to do anything yet but I'm getting there faster than I would have liked.

          The combat goes as predicted and the BD deal a horrible amount of damage to my poor Lancers and waver them and thanks to the damn gargoyles I don't have a flank charge on them.


          My main concern is the Ancients, if I lose that unit without doing any damage my army is done. I realise I have enough gap in front of the dark Knights to escape the line of sight of the Spearmen and I do just that, that buys me a turn from that huge block so I can chaff them up well. I will have to take the charge of the Knights but the unit was designed to do just that, with both the Banner and the Brew of Courage they are a nerve -/20 inspired and that is very solid.

          The dragon is around 12 inches from my FE, so i decide to give the longe surge a try hoping to get into combat and ground the thing. I turn and move 6, leaving me needing a 7 and of course I fail to do that.

          I counterchange the gargoyles hoping to overrun enough to get out of the Blade Dancers front arc and prepare my one of my lekelidons to shoot the other gargoyles, which he does with ease.

          The combat goes well too and I kill the other troop and overrun a lot, that is just perfect, next turn those crossbows are mine.


          He takes the obvious charges, Knights into the Ancients, Blade Dancers into the Lancers again and he also goes for a charge with his Spearmen into the Lekelidon, confident of killinh him and reforming to face the back of my Ancients.

          The Dragon decides to be sneaky and fly over my FE to shoot them, he clearly forgot about Surge here.

          His shooting is not really good this turn putting just two wounds on the blue FE and another 2 into the Nimble FE that now sit at 7, and that is just not the best place when they are going to face a dragon.

          The combats go as follows, the Knights manage to make quite some wounds into the Ancients, something like 7 and of course isn't even enough to roll, the Blade Dancers take the lancers up to sky high numbers and are now covered in lizard blood. The Spearmen on the other hand only manage to make like 5 wounds and in the subsequent roll only manage to waiver the brave lekelidon, those things are actually hard to kill.

          The nerve roll on the Lancers deserves a separate paragraph, as the dreaded double 1s see the board and the lancers get to fight another day, YES, YES, YES!


          Well that last turn was just perfect for me, and now I just hope the new Sotek dice don't betray me when I need them the most.

          I of course countercharge the Ancients, and thought to do the same with the Skylord on the flank but in the last minute I decide to move him away to help in the other side of the board and I thought the Ancients were capable of dealing with the knights with ease in a grind.

          I turn the FE to face the dragon and get surged in easily. I charge the other FE into the Crossbows and the Lancers into the Dancers while the other lekelidon moves into scoring zone.

          I'm sure I've done something wrong in my rituals as Sotek was clearly looking away. The Ancients put eight wounds into the Knights but fail to do anything, the lancers manage to get 7 into the Dancers but with the same result in the Nerve Roll. Both Hordes of FE (even activating the BotOK) put wounds on their targets but way below average.


          He really doesn't have a lot of options and just countercharges with everything.

          Combats go well for him, the Blade dancers finally manage to rout the Lancers and reform to face the FE, the Spearmen kill the lekelidon too and reform to face the Ancients, the Dragon rollswell and leaves the FE in a very tight spot needing only 5 or 4 to kill them but thanks to Inspiring they hold and finally the Ancients take 2 wounds from the disordered Knights but this time they can roll, they need 11 or 12 twice to kill them, first roll is an eleven i make them re-roll that, and guess what? yes, a TWELVE.

          When I get back to the temple I really have to get those sacrifices going hard.

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          Tales of a Stranded Ghekkotah - Salamander Battle Reports

          Odes and Sonnets from an outcast Troubadour - Brotherhood Battle Reports

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            SALAMANDERS TURN 4

            So now, most of my army is gone, but you know could be worse, could be raining.

            At least my Nimble FE have managed to survive and are now on a great position to kill the Dragon with a little trick, this move only works against 50mm front units and is to sidestep and turn a little so the leader point is on the flank, a quick surge seals the deal.

            The Skylord and the other FE charge the Crossbows hoping to kill them once and for all and the lekelidon moves just enough to see the Dancers and the Hearld moves back to chaff the Knights and provide Rallying to the FE. Thankfully the sudden and unexpected death of the Ancients means his Spearmen are stuck facing the wrong way and won't be problem for now.

            Shooting goes amazing and the lekelidons continue to prove amazing managing a couple of wounds on the Dancers, that was enough to kill them.

            Tha FE on the Flank of the Dragon do short work of him and overrun, the other FE with the Skylord also kill the Crosbows, thank Sotek!

            TWILIGHT KIN TURN 4

            With the field evened he decides to go for the objective and charges the Herald while the Spears reform to face the action.

            The poor Herald is demolished by the Knights, he decides to overrun and I realise that if he overruns enough the Knights will stick out from the Spearmen exposing their flank, luckily FOR ME he rolls high and the knights are exposing about 1 inch of their juicy, juicy flank to a surge charge from my amazing Nimble FE.

            SALAMANDERS TURN 5

            Well, with the turn of events I'm feeling brave and advance my units towards the centre and charge my Skylord into the flank of the Spears, he is not going to kill them but maybe he will take the bait and countercharge him, and even if he doesn't a turn charging in the flank of the Horde for free sounds good to me.

            The FE do their trick and annihilate the wounded knights, reforming to face the Spearmen and waiting to die like true heroes.

            The Skylord does his job really well and even manages to Waver the Horde! He is just full of awesomeness.

            TWILIGHT KIN TURN 5

            Nothing he can except to move the ASB to try and protect the flank of the Spearmen. He didn't even reformed to face the Skylord because that would have exposed the flank or rear to the FE.

            SALAMANDERS TURN 6

            He had position his ASB really well and the only way I could get my FE on the flank even with nimble is taking him first, so I surge charge him while the Skylord repeats his last turn move.

            Skylord keeps poking wounds but this time I'm not as lucky and the Horde stands still ready to kill something. The FE fail miserably to kill the damn ASB, I did a ridiculously low amount of wounds.

            TWILIGHT KIN TURN 6

            The Spearmen do what the should and charge the battered FE and finally after leaving a trail of burning death all over the field they perish.

            We decide not to roll for a turn 7 as the game is pretty much decided. The Salamanders managed to turn back the game against all odds thanks to the Dragon Lord failing to rout the Fire Elementals.


            Itepixcauh always dreamt of Fire since his civilization changed, each night he dreamt of blood and fire, of past battles, of challenges to come...

            The fire inside him decided he needed to remember the last time he faced the elven threat in their lands, that time they were repelled against all odds and driven back to the shadows. Maybe next time they won't be so fortunate.

            He trusted Fire above anything else, he must meditate and consult his dream with the others. Defeat wasn't an option.
            Tales of a Stranded Ghekkotah - Salamander Battle Reports

            Odes and Sonnets from an outcast Troubadour - Brotherhood Battle Reports

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              I'M BACK!!!!!
              I have had this battle report due to be written for so log I apologise in advance if it seems a bit diffuse in some parts.

              My opponent was this time an Abyssal player, and I believe that he was also undefeated in the league (both Abyssal players were at this point undefeated) so I knew the list will be tough to beat, best news are I would be facing the other Abyssal player in the next and final round, so just FUN FUN FUN for me.

              The list he took was the following (more or less, remembering this from the top of my head)

              - Horde of Molochs
              - Horde of Larvae
              - Horde of Lower Abyssals
              - Horde of Tortured Souls
              - Regiment of Abyssal Horsemen
              - Troop of Flamebearers with Jar of the Four Winds
              - Archfiend with Wings, Lightning Bolt and Blade of Slashing

              I took my usual list, no changes but for those of you new here, it goes like this:

              - Horde of FE with Wine of the Elvenkind
              - Horde of FE with Brew of Haste
              - Horde of Ancients on Rhinosaur with Blood of the Old King
              - Regiment of Kaisenor Lancers with Pathfinder
              - 2 Lekelidons
              - Mage-Priest with Surge and Inspiring Talisman
              - Skylord


              I went for a very safe flank denial, to protect me from his flying units and he decided to deploy his nasty stuff in front of mine. My initial thoughts were good on my deployment.

              We rolled for first turn and he took it I believe.

              TURN 1

              His turn 1 was very uneventful, he just shuffled his units a bit and moved forwards with caution. He took some shooting into my Lancers making 4 wounds but nothing not doing much.

              I went aggressive trying to bait him into charging his Archfiend, that i considered the biggest threat in his entire army, into either my Lancers or my Skylord so I could kill him next turn with my Ancients. The rest of the army just moved forwards.

              ABYSSALS TURN 2

              Sadly he didn't took the bait and instead charged his Cavalry into the Skylord hoping to get rid of him and hid the Archfiend behind them. Repositioned the Tortured Souls back into the right flank and moved the rest of his army forwards to take the centre with a very solid defence line.

              In the shooting he took some shots ans wounded a lekelidon but didn't manage to waver it.

              The Horsemen but 8 wounds into the poor Skylord but only wavered him, witch was great.

              SALAMANDERS TURN 2

              I decided to take those Horsemen out in one go, then in theory I thought he would charge both his hard hitters into the Ancients (in theory they should hold thanks to the inspiring and banner) then I could counter him. Of course that's just theory.

              In the centre I really didn't knew what to do, I felt a bit overwhelmed by the sheer numbers. In retrospective I should have gone full strength into the Lower Abyssals to take them out fast.

              The combat went as expected and the Horsemen were no more, I decided to advance to protect the Skylord (bad choice as backing up would have left him hindered if he decided to charge me, but at that moment I didn't wanted to lose the only flying unit I had)

              ABYSSALS TURN 3

              He went as I expected and charged my Ancients with both the Archfiend and Tortured Souls, and in the centre he kept pushing forwards slowly but securely.

              His shooting Flamebearers took my wounded lekelidon with ease this time.

              When he started rolling his dice for the combat I realised I was in for a hard beating, my god his dice were hot when he most needed them. Can't remember exactly how many wounds I took but I remember his Archfiend putting something like 8-9 wounds on his own with 9 attacks. The tortured souls sealed the deal an my poor Ancients were down in one go. I really, REALLY should have backed them up.

              SALAMANDERS TURN 3
              My right flank was crumbling and my Lancers couldn't see any of his juicy units, so I decided to take them out of the way and in the process gain advantage over him by getting in his rear. I could see and charge the Flamebearers in the flank and I did. Also moved the Skylord out of any line of sight from his hard hitters while I could menace the rear of his Tortured Souls.

              In the centre I saw an opportunity and took it, he left the flank of of his Lower Abyssals exposed to a Surge Charge and took it along with a front charge from the other FE Horde.

              The centre combats went really well and I completely obliterated his Horde in one go. I repositioned my Nimble Horde to face the Molochs, and the other one was left in a very delicate position, they were in range of the Molochs and also had the Tortured Souls in the flank, as did the Nimble Horde. My plan at the time was to back the Horde out of the Molochs range so he would have to charge them into the Nimble Horde along with the Larvae (being Hindered I could take that charge with ease and hold) while the other Horde offered that juicy flank to the Tortured Souls, but I kind of expected the Lancer menace to be enough to distract them.

              The Lancers did as expected a TON of wounds and when rolling for Nerve... yeah, double ones. FAN-TASTIC.

              ABYSSALS TURN 4

              With the lancers out of the way for a turn he was free to do as he pleased, and charged the Tortured Souls into the FE and both the Molochs and the Larvae into the other FE. He moved the Archfiend into a position where he could see the Skylord and counter-charged the Flamebearers.

              He shoots the Skylord and kills him easily, and that starts the trend for the turn.

              I'm not going to try and be mysterious here, he killed everything he touched. The flanking Tortured Souls were a given but the other FE Horde wasn't, but he rolled like a god once more and they were gone.

              SALAMANDERS TURN 4

              Not much options left for me to be brutally honest. I knew the game is over but I just wanted to play my last cards.

              The tortured souls are wounded thanks to the constant shooting from the lekelidon, and skylord last turns so my plan was to try and take them out with more shooting while the lancers kill the damn Flamebearers for good.

              Shooting was amazing and the Tortured Souls are badly wounded just with the shots from the lekelidon so I measure and realise the Archfiend is in range for some fireballing so I take that chance. The Mage-Priest proved to be ace again and managed to WAVER the Archfiend, amazing result!. The combat went also as expected and the Flamebearers were destroyed and with the Archfiend rendered useless for next turn I reposition to face the center of the table. If I'm REALLY lucky I could kill the Molochs and maybe the Archfiend next turn with more shots.

              ABYSSALS TURN 5
              My opponent played for the objective and moved the Larvae into one of the control zones, and charged the Molochs into the Lekelidon (not sure about that part) while the archfiend repositions himself to face the centre.

              I know my Lekelidon got wavered, so I assume Molochs charging in the flank got an EPICLY bad roll to achieve that.

              SALAMANDERS TURN 5

              From now on there are no pictures but they are not needed.

              I realise my only chance of getting at least a draw is to kill either the Molochs or the Larvae AND the Archfiend. As the Archfiend is quite wounded I decide to try and shoot more Fireballs at him with my Mage-Priest. To take one of the other Hordes out is another matter and taking the Nerve values into account the best shot is the Molochs, wounding him on 2s with Vicious is amazing but hitting on 4s not so much. I'm expecting around 9 wounds statistically so I hope for a good to hit roll so i can up that to maybe 11, 12 wounds and have an easy Nerve roll.

              Shooting goes badly, and I mean it, really bad. can't remember exactly how it went but the bottom line is the Archfiend is not even wavered.

              My brave lancers charge valiantly but they flop and I roll again not well.

              TURN 6

              I will do this fast, as that way it hurts a bit less. Molochs kill my Lancers and the Archfiend kills the lekelidon, leaving me no units that can score so I concede.


              Battered and broken Itexpicauh and the rest of his forces retreat from the deep and hot scar in the face of Mantica. The forces that guard The Abyss were far greater than he expected and killing the Archfiend that haunted his people was impossible but surrender is not an option, he will gather the remains of his army and attack again, all his campaign has lead to this and he shall not fail again.

              Tales of a Stranded Ghekkotah - Salamander Battle Reports

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                Welcome back! Happy to have another installment from you, despite the rough result. What was the thinking on not facing the Tortured Souls there at the end of Turn 3? Molochs don't look like they're in range to grab a flank if they turned to face the Souls, and while facing off with a Sp10 flying unit isn't the most envious for Sp6 ground pounders, thanks to surge and all that they wouldn't have been out of the game by taking it in the face.

                Although even then it's hard to absorb all that hot dice :|
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                  Originally posted by Boss Salvage View Post
                  What was the thinking on not facing the Tortured Souls there at the end of Turn 3? Molochs don't look like they're in range to grab a flank if they turned to face the Souls, and while facing off with a Sp10 flying unit isn't the most envious for Sp6 ground pounders, thanks to surge and all that they wouldn't have been out of the game by taking it in the face.

                  Although even then it's hard to absorb all that hot dice :|
                  The problem was that in the position they ended after the combat the Molochs could charge them so if I turned to face the Tortured Souls the would have exposed the rear to the Molochs. In the end I played it really bad, I should have left them there facing the Souls and tempting the Molochs with a juicy rear charge so that only that unit would have died.

                  I played this game badly from the beginning and having the opponent good dice rolls on top of that is hard.
                  Tales of a Stranded Ghekkotah - Salamander Battle Reports

                  Odes and Sonnets from an outcast Troubadour - Brotherhood Battle Reports

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                    This is it, the final game for our past local league, the player in front of me was sitting at the top spot, undefeated, and had been there since the very beginning with the highest attrition score of the whole league. So i knew it wasn't going to be pleasant.

                    The list he took was the following (Can't remember any of the objects he took, sorry. This was in June)

                    - 2 Hordes of Tortured Souls
                    - Regiment of Abyssal Horsemen
                    - Troop of Flamebearers
                    - 2 Troops of Gargoyles
                    - Troop of Hellhounds
                    - Efreet
                    - Abyssal Champion with wings and Lightning Bolt

                    I took my usual list, no changes but for those of you new here, it goes like this:

                    - Horde of FE with Wine of the Elvenkind
                    - Horde of FE with Brew of Haste
                    - Horde of Ancients on Rhinosaur with Blood of the Old King
                    - Regiment of Kaisenor Lancers with Pathfinder
                    - 2 Lekelidons
                    - Mage-Priest with Surge and Inspiring Talisman
                    - Skylord


                    I decided to play the scenario hard and deployed the whole of my army in the right flank where the two 3 points tokens were, also denying the flank to his faster flying units.

                    He went hard in the middle, nothing special really.

                    ABYSSALS TURN 1

                    He advanced hard on the left and slowly on the right, careful to position himself in a good position for later turns.

                    SALAMANDERS TURN 1

                    I moved slowly positioning the lekelidons in front of my FE to shiled them and position the other Horde so if they get charged by the TS the charge would be hindered. The Ancients take the right flank and are ready to move into position next turn.

                    I can shoot the Lekelidons into the Gargoyles and I do routing them and getting rid of a very annoying chaff unit.

                    ABYSSALS TURN 2

                    He charges the Hellhounds into one Lekelidon chaffing my FE in the process and positions both TS Hordes on the centre for an alpha strike on my forces while the other gargoyles try to flank me and his efrets moves into range and shoots my other Lekelidon into oblivion.

                    The Hellhounds do their job and kill the other Lekelidon.

                    SALAMANDERS TURN 2

                    Almost all my chaff is dead and my main combat Hordes are chaffed themselves, so not a very good position, still I know I can take those Hellhounds out easily and still resist the charge next turn with fresh units. So I charge the hounds with my Lancers and one FE horde. I move the Ancients onto the hill and chaff them using my Skylord (I later realised I positioned the skylord badly leaving space for a multi-charge, damn flyers) to prevent a multi-charge next turn on them.

                    Combat goes as predicted and the hellhounds are killed. I back up the lancers so a charge against them would be hindered.

                    ABYSSALS TURN 3

                    You see? now i realise of my tragic mistake, positioning the skylord in the middle of the Ancients frontage there is space at either side for units to fit, If I had positioned him flush with one side only one of his hordes would have been able to contact them. His champion hits my Skylord, the gargoyles the flank of the Lancers and his Horsemen my FE.

                    With his Efreet he shoots my poor Herald and blows him away (he had line of sight despite of what the image shows, I'm reproducing the movements as well as I can from the top of my head)

                    The two combined TS Hordes vaporise my poor Ancients, the Champion I think he didn't manage to do any wounds to my Skylord and the Horsemen do some wounds but not enough. The gargoyles do bad too and only manage a couple of wounds. He repositions the two TS Hordes facing my FE.

                    SALAMANDERS TURN 3

                    I take the easy decisions first and counter the gargoyles with my Lancers, and multi-charge his Horsemen with both FE units as I need them gone if I want a slight chance of winning this.

                    I don't remember what I did exactly with my Skylord but I know that that Flamebearer troop is killed this turn so the only option is I decided to shoot them instead of charging the Champion.

                    Luckyly I don't roll double ones or have a horrid roll on the combats and my three units reform to face the TS Hordes, one is fresh and I know it can hold a charge but the other FE unit is wounded and I'm not sure i can. We will see.

                    ABYSSALS TURN 4

                    His TS Hordes charge both of my FE hordes, the Champion charges my Skylord again and the Efreet moves to shoot my Mage-Priest I believe.

                    Shooting does nothing relevant but combat does an my hordes have 11 and 10 wounds (he did 10 wounds to a fresh Horde with an amazing roll)respectively before the Nerve rolls are made, with Nerve -/17 I'm not in a very good position and can loose both Hordes and the game but his nerve rolls are bad and BOTH hordes survive. The champion does some wounds but not much.

                    SALAMANDERS TURN 4

                    Now is my turn to win this game once and for all, I have his Flying hordes like a sitting duck and my three combat units in line for a charge, so I take it. I countercharge into the right horde and multi-charge my FE and Lancers into the left one as well as charging his champion with my Skylord this time.

                    My Mage-Priest can see the Efreet and throws a Fireball in his face, taking him out with a great Nerve roll.

                    Combat on the left goes great taking the TS out, on the right I roll well and against all odds I kill the other TS horde too.

                    The duel between the Champion and the Skylord goes really well and with a ridiculous roll on the Nerve I rout his last unit and win the game.


                    The last flames on the evil fiends body start to burn out as the sun rays open their way between the fumes and clouds of The Abyss shinning on the tired Salamander soldiers, a sign of hope inside the open wound of Mantica.

                    The thirst for revenge satisfied and the menace of the Abyss driven back into it's hole, Itepixcauh is satisfied.

                    It turns out you can fight fire with fire after all.
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                      Thanks for posting. I enjoy your battle reports.
                      To defend: this is the pact. But when life loses its meaning and is taken for naught,then the pact is to avenge!


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                        Boom! Unexpected result with fire hordes bossing it!
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                          Blood axe Thank you! There is one more coming soon against Elves, prepare for that one because is just Brutal.

                          Boss Salvage I was surprised too tbh. I was hoping for one of them to live but not two. Also next turn was the best turn outcome posible for me too.
                          Tales of a Stranded Ghekkotah - Salamander Battle Reports

                          Odes and Sonnets from an outcast Troubadour - Brotherhood Battle Reports

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                            Well, new season of our local KoW league has started and this was the first game I played.

                            My opponent had Elves and I was expecting some nasty stuff so I prepared a list that could stand the punishment, I was in for a big surprise.

                            The Elves list was as follows:

                            - Horde of Tallspears with Dwarven Ale
                            - Regiment of Palace Guard
                            - Regiment of Hunters of the Wild
                            - Regiment of Archers
                            - Troop of Silverbreeze Cavalry
                            - Troop of Stormwind Cavalry
                            - Noble War Chariot
                            - Tree Herder
                            - Elven Mage with Bane-chant, ┐Fireball? and Inspiring

                            There is some magic item missing there, I'm guessing it was Chant of Hate on the Arches or something like that but I can't remember.

                            My list was as follows:

                            - Horde of Ghekkotah Warriors with Healing Brew
                            - Horde of Fire Elementals with Nimble
                            - Horde of Fire Elementals with Haste
                            - Horde of Ancients on Rhinosaur with Brew of Courage
                            - Lekelidon
                            - Mage-Priest with Surge and Inspiring
                            - Mounted Herald with Banner of the Griffin
                            - Battle-Captain with Wings
                            - Ghekkotah Skylord

                            My thought was to have 4 units that could withstand any charge (not multiple of course) and still have a decent chance of surviving, I was fearing Drakons Hordes and Stormwind regiments. Also have two flying heroes that could shut down his shooting fast, those hordes of archers are scary. As you can see all of that wasn't necessary.


                            Sorry I don't have a picture but it was fairly standard, I chose to deploy my FE in the middle with my Ghekkotah for support and the lekelidon too. He chose to do the same and then deployed the Archers in the far right hill apart from everything else, I took the opportunity and deployed the Ancients there to go after them and then help clean the center, he chose to deploy his two cavalry troops in the opposite flank.

                            He chose to move both his Vanguard units directly forwards.

                            TURN 1

                            He went first, I believe I had the choice.

                            He moved forwards carefully to stay out of charge range but forgot to move the archers, so they couldn't shoot this turn. The Chariot did shoot and did some damage to my Skylord.

                            I decided to go hard with the Ancients knowing I could withstand one turn of shooting with ease and the rest was moved enough to stay out of the range of his units. I positioned my flying heroes to flank charge the chariot if he decides to charge the Ancients or go after the archers if needed.

                            ELVES TURN 2

                            For some reason he decides he is not playing the waiting game and pushes both his Treelord and Hunters hard on me, so hard that the Treelord is effectively an inch away from my nimble FE. His Silverbreeze goes to capture the objective on my deployment zone while the Palace Guard stay out of my reach.

                            The Chariot decides it's better to just move forwards to try and reach the rear of my army.

                            In his shooting phase he does some more wounds to the Skylord with his Archers but fails to waver or kill him and does one wound to the FE with the Silverbreeze.

                            SALAMANDERS TURN 2

                            Right now I'm on a wet dream, he has given me ALL the charges. If I know one thing about playing with Elves is you never give away the first charge or you are doomed, so I just take them gladly. Haste FE go into the Hunters, Ancients go into the Archers and Ghekkotah Warriors go into the Tallspears. Then having the Treelord an Inch away of my Nimble FE means I can sidestep 3 inches and turn to face his flank waiting for a juicy surge charge later on. My two heroes charge the Chariot and the Lekelidon turns to face the Silverbreeze.

                            I also decide I don't need the Herald to support my Ancients so he moves to help the Ghekkotah instead.

                            Surge goes as planned and the Treelord is flanked by the FE, but the lekelidon misses badly and cannot do a single wound on those pesky Silverbreeze.

                            Combats go rather well, I rout the Arches in one go and reposition the Ancients to look at the middle of the field, the warriors do 7 wounds to the Tallspears, the two heroes manage to waver the Chariot as do the FE with the Hunters. But the absolute stars of the show were the Nimble FE managing and insane amount of wounds and routing the Treelord in one go, burned to the crisp.

                            Looking pretty good right now, but at this moment I wouldn't have guessed the outcome in a million years.

                            ELVES TURN 3

                            His situation is not good, and he knows but still have some quite strong units around that could do some serious damage.

                            He charges the Palace Guard into the Nimble FE and countercharges the Ghekkos with the Spears. He keeps bringing the Stormwind slowly into my backfield (too slowly IMO) and reforms the Chariot so I can't charge him in the flank again with my Skylord.

                            He manages to Bane-chant the PG and they look quite menacing now with CS2. He rolls like a madman with them and puts NINE, I will repeat NINE wounds on them with 12 attacks, that is brutal. Luckily his Nerve roll is not as good and they stay. The Tallspears do quite well too, putting 9 wounds also on the Ghekkotah but also doing nothing.

                            SALAMANDERS TURN 4

                            This is the turn where I don't need a double one, It's looking really well but my nimble FE and my Skylord are very damaged.

                            The centre is easy, I just countercharge with everything I can and also flank charge the Tallspears with the Ancients (although it is a hindered charge, that hurts a lot). Against the Chariot I decided to move my Skylord away from there to capture an objective and charge just the Battle-Captain in.

                            In the shooting phase my Lekelidon fires into the Silverbreeze again, but this time I do some damage and Waver them! I also Fireball the Mage with my own Mage doing some damage too.

                            Combats went pretty darn well for me, I will go from left to right:

                            - The Hasted FE killed the Hunters and reform to face the incoming cavalry in my back
                            - The Nimble FE do extremely well, I roll a great Nerve test twice and the Palace Guard bite the dust.
                            - The combined charge against the Tallspears goes as predicted and they die too.
                            - Battle Captain does some damage but sadly is not even wavered.

                            So yeah, that pretty much seals the deal for me. I'M A HAPPY SALAMANDER.

                            TURN 5

                            Definitely not looking good for him he tries to take some of my units out to win some attrition points. He somehow makes one wound to my Mage-Priest with his Mage so I'm guessing he had Fireball on him and manages to Waver him. His Silverbreeze does nothing. In the Combat phase the Chariot does 3 wounds to my Battle-Captain.

                            In my turn I charge the Silverbreeze with my FE. My Ghekkotah warriors charge the Mage and the Battle-Captain counter charges. The rest just moves into position to capture objectives.

                            I kill the Silverbreeze with ease and reposition to face the remaining Stormwind troop and my beloved Ghekkotah Horde quarterly destroys the Mage. The Battle-Captain does great and finally kills off the heavily wounded Chariot.

                            TURN 6

                            We decide to just roll the Stormwind combat against the Haste FE, he goes in and does like 3 wounds, and in the counter-charge I just kill him with ease.

                            So it was an amazing 20-0 for me, and it's the first time I table an opponent not loosing a single unit. Pretty good for a start, I'M LEADING THE CHART!!


                            Itexpicauh knew the establishment of the colony wasn't an easy task, the forest inhabitants weren't willing to give the territory without a fight but they didn't know Itexpicauh was more than willing and prepared to fight.
                            Tales of a Stranded Ghekkotah - Salamander Battle Reports

                            Odes and Sonnets from an outcast Troubadour - Brotherhood Battle Reports

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                              Time for the second game of the league, this time against a player I have a very good vibe with, also all our games are extremely tight. We are specially competitive against each other and that always makes for a really fun game, you can check our previous Battle Report HERE.

                              He is playing League or Rhordia this year, first time playing against them but I know the list extremely well as I plan on making a Rhordia army myself and even shared my ideas with him when he was making a list for a previous game. His list to fight me was as follows:


                              - Horde of Dogs of War with Elite
                              - Horde of Honour Guard with Blood of the Old King
                              - Regiment of Household Knights
                              - Regiment of City Spear Militia
                              - 2 Volley Guns
                              - 2 Troops of Crossbow Block
                              - Duke on Winged Aralez with Blade of Slashing
                              - Wizard with Inspiring Talisman and Bane-Chant

                              My army was very similar to what I usually take but designed to gain a speed advantage over his Honour Guard, and with two flying heroes as support to neutralize his shooting ASAP:


                              - Horde of Fire Elementals with Nimble
                              - Horde of Fire Elementals
                              - Horde of Ancients on Rhinosaurs with Courage
                              - Regiment of Kaisenor Lancers with Haste
                              - Lekelidon
                              - Mounted Herald with Banner of the Griffin
                              - Mage-Priest with Inspiring and Surge
                              - Battle-Captain with Wings
                              - Skylord

                              Scenario we have to play is INVADE! so let's get cracking.


                              I think he won the roll and made me deploy first so I did, my whole plan was to place my Kaisenors against his Honour guard if posi9ble but mainly to know the placement of his Guns to place my flying heroes accordingly, I think I did a pretty good job.

                              My plan was to hold the centre as much as possible with the Ancients while I kill one or two of his units there, while avoiding the tar pit that are the Dogs of War. Meanwhile the FEs will be sent to kill the left flank and move onto his side, giving me a very solid 6 VPs to play with.

                              TURN 1

                              He won the roll AGAIN and made go first, which I didn't wanted to because of all the 24" reload shooting that he has, but well, it seems I will be one turn short this game.

                              I decided I didn't like his shooting at all so I moved my two flying heroes into position, the Battle-Captain hugging the forest in front of him so the Crossbows can't see him and the Skylord taking the long route behind the house on the far right to gain the rear of his army (NICE!) the rest of my army stood still.

                              He decided not to play the waiting game and moved forwards almost everything, including the volley gun and crossbows on the right, shooting units on the left stood still. He opened fire onto the Battle-Captain with the Volley Gun and managed THREE wounds, that's a really good roll. On top of that he rolls really high and Wavers him! My plan is starting to crumble fast.

                              SALAMANDERS TURN 2

                              He had given me a charge on his Honour Guard with my Lancers, that was too juicy not to take, even if hindered. If my Battle-Captain hadn't been Wavered I could have moved him to the edge of the forest to prevent the Hindered charge. I instead use his free pivot and a backwards move to take him out of the way.

                              My whole line moves forwards and I surge the Nimble FE into the forest to have them protected and also bait the Duke into hopping over my line or charging them and I have the Lekelidon shoot the Duke. My skylord positions and shoots the Volley gun, wavering it. Nice start for the turn.

                              Strangely my Lancers seem to overperform when hindered and as always they go great!, putting 6 wounds into the Honour Guard, that is more or less the average they should do un-hindered, impressive. Sadly the Nerve roll isn't as good.

                              RHORDIA TURN 2

                              He counter-charges my Lancers with the Honour Guard and they get flanked by the Duke (sleep well sweet princes, your job is done)

                              The rest of his combat units advance, while the Knights turn to face the middle. His shooting units stay still to lay some pain.

                              He shoot both units on the left into my normal FE horde making some wounds but not much, the crossbows on the right try to shoot the Ancients but miss.

                              Combat goes as expected and the Lancers perish bravely, he reforms to face the incoming Fire.

                              SALAMANDERS TURN 3

                              I decided to go all in, I charged my Nimble FE into the Honour Guard, hoping to pop them, my Ancients into the Spear Militia Regiment and both my Flying heroes into his Volley Guns.

                              My logic behind this was as follows, I knew I could take the left flank and have my both Hordes of FE alive and well, that will grant me 6 VPS, he had 7 posible VPs in the centre (1 horde and two regiments) si if I kill the Militia that leaves him 5 VPs of hard to kill things and a mathematical victory for me, I wasn't thinking on the fate of the Ancients afterwards. If I had cared to think about them I would have moved the Herald in front of the Dogs of War Horde to block their charge next turn.

                              The other FE Horde and the Lekelidon move to face the Duke, leaving him four options:
                              - Charge the Lekelidon, with just 5 attacks and Inspiring my chances are good of surviving, granting me a flank next turn.
                              - Charge the FE, in this case he is dead in the counter-charge
                              - Fly over me, then I turn and Surge into him
                              - Escape, then I'm free to kill the crossbows or finish off the Honour Guard in the worst scenario
                              So it's a win-win situation for me.

                              In the shooting I keep wounding the Duke with the Lekelidon and Mage-Priest.

                              Combats go as follow:

                              - Both flying heroes make short work of the Volley Guns
                              - The Ancients Trample over Militia with extreme ease
                              - FE do something like 8-9 wounds into the Honour Guard and routing them easily thanks to the sacrifice made by the poor Lancers.

                              WHAT A TURN! only problem comes with the positioning of the Ancients, both the Knights and Dogs of War can charge them, only chance is to roll a 4 plus on the advance roll to scape the Horde arc, sadly I get a 1. so they are dead. I really have to think ahead and use my Individuals better, because had I moved the Herald in front of the Horde then I could have reformed to face the Knights that would have had a hindered charge on top of that. Still game is looking great right now.

                              RHORDIA TURN 3

                              He takes the bait and charges my Lekelidon with his Duke, in the centre the Dogs of War flank the Ancients,helped in the front by the crossbows (ouch) while the Knights feeling that attacking the Ancients was an unnecessary call for a double 1, they attack the Herald instead. Wizard manages to put Bane-chant on the horde too.

                              The centre combat goes as planed, 60 attacks with CS1 and Elite are just too much for any unit and my Ancients are no more. Same with the Herald, he went to meet his maker.

                              The Duke attacks the Lekelidon but thanks to Inpsiring he holds not even wavered.

                              SALAMANDERS TURN 4

                              I know I have the game in my pockets if I play it intelligently. I can secure 8 VPs with ease againts his 5.

                              I start by charging my Nimble FE into the rear of the Duke, and the normal FE into the Crossbows behind the obstacle, I move the Lekelidon over the centre line too.

                              His wizard is a menace against my wounded Hordes so I charge him with the Battle-Captain and move the Skylord deep into his deployment zone to just shoot the troop of crossbows instead of risking a charge from the Knights.

                              The skylord manages to waver the troop of crossbows with his shooting.

                              In the combat phase the poor Duke runs down the curtain joins the Choir Invisible in a big explosion of fire, as do the Crossbows, bereft of life.

                              The battle-captain wavers the wizard, and that is just enough for me.

                              RHORDIA TURN 4

                              Not really much left to do he moves the Dogs of war into scoring and reforms the wavered crossbows to face the Skylord but as I already have the picture, here it goes:

                              TURNS 5 and 6

                              Nothing exciting really happens, I move my scoring units into his half and with the combined shooting of the Lekelidon and Skylord the Troop of Crossbows are finally pushing up the daisies.

                              The Battle-Captain makes the wizard rest in peace.

                              On his turn he just consolidates more into my half with his units but the game is settled, and we call it.

                              Don't trust your eyes, that is an EX-WIZARD

                              Tales of a Stranded Ghekkotah - Salamander Battle Reports

                              Odes and Sonnets from an outcast Troubadour - Brotherhood Battle Reports

                              KoW Painting Blog