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    Hi all,

    In the wake of the campaign, it seems significant strides were made against the forces of evil. While we wait for the source book to come out later in the year (which I'm STOKED about), I'm still excited to further our faction's fluff! I'd love to hear what fluff-related developments our armies have undergone throughout the campaign, and where they stand now. Playing games was a blast this summer, but the Edge of the Abyss also concretely solidified the Mantic-inspired background of my army.

    So without further adieu, what's the current state of our scattered Brotherhood forces throughout Mantica?

    Here's what I have for my two forces. My main army hails from the Red Lion Watch, but the Quest of Duty will likely grow into a skirmishing force for Vanguard once it arrives...

    The Red Lion Watch:

    The only remaining fortress of the area once known as the Veiled Lakes, the Red Lion Watch has been repaired in the wake of the Abyssal Expansion. Originally a training fortress for recruits and initiates, the Watch is now home to the refugee forces of several noble families, including houses Bravour, Liothelle, Brevostan, Artegiste, Priperne, and Sionisse. Expanded to include larger barracks, reinforced walls, an enhanced keep, and a vast swathe of a protected area, it now serves as a beacon of light against the now-receding Abyss.

    Southwest of the Abyss, though several leagues from the Basilean border.

    High Constable Ralgar Strane, Lord Josquin de Bravour, Lady Mileena Liothelle, Devoted Sandrine

    The Watch now consists of the majority of Brotherhood forces who survived the Abyssal Expansion who hailed from the Veiled Lakes region south of the Abyss. Additionally, the scant few surviving lake spirits have allied with the Watch, taking advantage of the recent floods that swept in from the north. These forces include (NOT my actual model counts, though I do have most of them):

    200 Spearmen
    120 Bowmen
    10 Rangers
    20 Martyrs
    30 Foot Knights

    25 Reconnoiterers
    24 Initiates
    56 Knights of the Brotherhood
    8 Abyssal Hunters
    8 Knights of Redeption
    6 Forsaken Knights

    War Engines:
    2 Trebuchets (2 under construction)
    4 Ballistas (2 under construction)
    1 Trebuchet of Redemption (House Rules)

    6 Lake Spirits (Water Elementals)
    1 Veiled Lady (Greater Water Elemental)

    High Constable Ralgar Strane (Exemplar Redeemer)
    Lord Josquin de Bravour (Exemplar Redeemer/Forsaker, as he can be mounted on horseback or on a hippogriff)
    Lady Mileena Liothelle (Exemplar on Foot)
    Lady Allestra Brevostan (Exemplar of the Brotherhood)
    Sir Darren Liothelle (Exemplar of the Brotherhood)
    Lord Magrin Priperne (Exemplar Hunter)
    Sir Wendlus Priperne (Exemplar Hunter)
    Lord Thanis Artegiste (Exemplar Forsaker)
    Caereth the Hooded Wanderer (Devoted on Foot)
    Lilandreth of the Night Wind (Devoted on Horseback)
    Sandrine of the Sun's Flame (Devoted on Horseback)
    Estelle of the Quicksilver Wit (Devoted on Foot)
    Wendon Brendt, Innkeep (Exemplar on Foot)

    The Quest of Duty

    Though a small, ragtag band, the Quest of Duty consists of those who survived the massacre at the village of Gunard before the Abyssal expansion. Privy to knowledge that a conspiracy within the Brotherhood's very history might be at the heart of the events during the Edge of the Abyss campaign, they are traveling through the crumbled remains of the Brotherhood's fortresses and the ruins of the Captain's Chamber itself. Hoping to uncover the continuing mystery and stem the inevitable return of evil forces, the Quest of Duty continues to grow in number.

    Throughout Mantica, though they are starting in the ruinous areas that crest the Abyss.

    Small in number but mighty in spirit, those upon the Quest of Duty travel with deep purpose.
    10 Villein Ploughshares

    2 Recoinnoiterers
    3 Knights of the Brotherhood

    War Engines


    Gastion de Bravour (Exemplar of the Brotherhood)
    Elise of the Silver Voice (Devoted on Foot)
    Flambuxteaux the Fool (uses Kingdoms of Men Hero rules)
    Aerthus, the First Brother (upcoming...likely a 3-item Living Legend of House Rules who is an Exemplar Forsaker)

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    Looks good man, wish i was this creative


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      Thanks, jimjeater! It helps when a good portion of the fluff is a carry-over from Warhammer fantasy, with significant amounts of modification. Naming my characters always take longer than the actual fluff, haha!

      I bet if you tried, you'd be able to pull off something awesome!


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        Looking forward to hearing of their future exploits!
        2017: Bought a big school of TR Fishpeople, still busy glueing fins and tridents.