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The Beer Phase - Trident Realms Army Breakdown

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  • The Beer Phase - Trident Realms Army Breakdown

    I joined Jeff Swann and Brian Coquyt on this episode of The Beer Phase podcast to breakdown our favorite fighting fish people! Give it a listen here:

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    A truly epic episode and must-listen material for all Trident Realms players. I would have liked it to be even longer and say a bit more about your various tourney lists, but as the episode comes in at over 3 hours I guess I shouldn't complain . Thanks guys for taking the time and trouble to make the episode.


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      Finally a pro analysis of a TR. Will listen it more than once.


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        I'm glad you enjoyed it! It was a lot of fun to ramble on about everything, and I was honestly surprised that it was as long as it went. When we got done I thought it was maybe an hour and half, so I was a touch surprised when it ended up being a good 2 hours longer than that.

        I feel like there are a ton of other aspects of TR that we just didn't get a chance to discuss that I would still love to talk about though, but I don't have my thoughts organized enough to really tackle it. After listening to it, do any of you have any additional questions or comments for any of us? I think it's pretty apparent that I'm more than happy to talk ad nauseam about TR by this point...


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          Great podcast guys. Got me keen to try Trident Realms. I enjoyed the depth you went to on each unit. There seem to be some distinctly different style list options and all the units you guys liked they can't fit in one list.

          I agree with Edzig that what would have closed it out nicely would have been discussion about a few list types that work for trident realms (i.e. a slow list/a mixed list/a fast list/a surge list or whatever you had experience with), If you could go through for an example list what the role of the units in that list are and how they would likely work together against different types of enemy lists I think it would be really interesting.

          Or just an idea to round out any future episodes like this one.


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            I had prepared a couple different lists in case we had the time to discuss it, but with just the unit reviews being a 3.5hr podcast... we had to end it there for time. That being said, I really think that we could talk another... 1-2 hrs easy on just list construction, especially if we include discussion on useful allies. There are SO many viable builds in TR that it really depends on what exactly you want to do. About the only build that I don't personally think is... well, it's viable, but you're not going to be doing it as well as others, is a solid gunline. And even then, if you're playing in a meta where 6-7 bits of terrain is a lot, you can definitely do a LOT of work with a triple Leviathan's Bane list.

            You guys definitely aren't the only people who have asked for more insight in the list building phase for Trident Realms... I'll see if I can't talk to Jeff and Brian this weekend and see if they'd be interested in doing an addendum to this podcast.


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              Originally posted by Zanzar View Post
              Or just an idea to round out any future episodes like this one.
              Well part of that is how new the army is right now and there are only a few people with a completed army playing regularly at events. That said, there are basically three core builds I am aware of, and even those share several elements in common (fly hero, coral giants, ect):

              1) Ensnare Hordes- This one is the most prevalent, with Coquyt's army basically being this plus ogre boomer allies. Marc Taylor also has migrated to something along these lines. Its also had the most success in Texas events, with Brian typically cracking the top ten percent of each event he has been at lately. 2-3 Placo or Naiad Hordes, some Knuckers, the usual character selection, and lots of Bane Chant are the basic components of the list. The podcast seemed mostly centered on this type of setup, which makes sense since it was mostly Coquyt and Swann doing the talking.

              2) MSU- This is basically what I am doing, though Ed Zig also ran something along these lines when he was last in Texas, but he tinkers with his build quite a bit so that may not really be the case anymore. Its basically an army composed almost entirely of cheap disposable units and lots of them, like Knuckers or (in my case) Riverguard troops. Its fun to play, but can frustrate opponents. I have had an overall positive record with it, but not nearly the success Coquyt has had with his build. I attribute that to Brians superior practice time with his list, the list needing objective games to do wel ( since its very attrition intensive) an if I make a major mistake it is hard to recover from it. I discuss my experiences with this setup a lot in a thread on this forum.

              3) Mixed or MMU- Early lists I have seen Jeff Swan and some others run have been this, which is basically a grab bag of units (often Wyrm Riders and Elementals are featured), often with an emphasis on shooting, regenerating units, Siren, and standardized KoW list concepts. Its still being used to a degree (Nick from Dojo ran a list like this at Bayou) and it does so-so, but people don't stick with this setup long if they continue to play the army, which I think is indicative of it being more of a testing style, rather than an intentional army build. That said, it can still be very good in expert hands (due to the versatile nature of a lot of Trident units) and is a great starting point for people moving to this from another army.

              Having typed all of that, I would enjoy a podcast of Jeff and Brian breaking down the lists that were used in Texas this year, since the common question for a lot of newer Trident players I see centers around list construction and putting all of the units together into something that works. And Brian and Jeff are (in addition to being very well practiced players), very strong list builders.


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                Thanks for the excellent podcast! I really appreciate the guidance on the optimal unit sizes. This really helps while building my army since my painted minis are permanently attached to their multibases.

                I will continue to replay this podcast while waiting for the sequel.
                2017: Bought a big school of TR Fishpeople, still busy glueing fins and tridents.


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                  Hey, my pleasure! Like I said at the time, there is still a LOT that can be dissected in the faction. I had a nice long stint with Empire of Dust, but I'm swinging back into the Trident Realms now. I'm getting my first couple games back into it tomorrow night, but after a month or two I'm sure that Brian, Jeff, and myself would be more than willing to hash out some finer points of TR.


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                    I might take a small break for sanity, but after over a year solid with the list I have enjoyed it a lot. After doing Alamo (which had an odd two list format), I noted a couple things playing my MSU army. First, armies with solid healing present an ENOURMOUS issue to the MSU version of this list. My most lopsided losses at Alamo were to my wife's Basilea (21 dice of flying heal a turn, plus Iron Resolve everywhere) and against Marc's EoD/Soul drain list. While the games were somewhat close in points, there was never a point where I felt I had a chance of winning, because MSU relies a lot on chip damage, sacrifices, and grinding, which a solid healing element completely shuts down. Having said that, heavy heal lists are pretty damn rare at tournaments, but its a definite trend that my MSU list gets trounced by it.

                    Now, to be fair, I went completely over the top with the MSU as an experiment at Alamo. The two games where I was completely helpless were rare and all of my games were generally fun square offs. But I think a couple of Wyrm rider type units would have greatly helped my odds. RG captain flying in the middle of the RG troop swarm worked well, though. Now that the wide and I are actually moving to Texas, we might get some real practice in and actually start winning more often. But I do not regret going full frontal male nudity MSU at Alamo, as every game was entertaining and no one seemed to be angry about it, despite facing eight RG troops and a knucker (!).