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    Abyssal Dwarfs have more speedy unit than just speed four but this is not even close to that trident can field. This will require a different approach which is great. Of course miniatures were a reason too

    trident realms seems to be more position based army. How do you plan your battles position wise?


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      It really depends on what list I'm bringing, since I've got list ADD and switch it around a lot.

      In general though, the Knuckers *need* to be deployed within 12" of the right or left board edge, as they really need to be flanking. It's acceptable to me to have they be deployed ~10" to either side of an enemy flying dragon-type thing too, to help box that in. If I've got Ensnarers or Placs and double Gigas, those will go in the middle of the board (or generally aligned with the primary objective marker). Riverguard will go slightly outside of that, then Wyrmriders further outside of them. The hero with BC gets dropped almost last to make sure that wherever I need the extra oomph gets it.


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        Reconsidered HP and replaced them with a horde of Gigas.

        1. They cost almost the same points,
        2. they get even better when there is a Siren in the army
        3. Makes my anvil better

        This is my list now:

        Naiad Ensnerers horde, Healing Brew
        Gigas horde, brew of haste
        Wyrmriders horde, botok

        RG troop, CS1

        Coral Giant

        Thuul, BC(2), inspiring talisman
        Naiad Envoy, banner of the griffin

        Siren (or 2nd Knucker)

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          Good call, I dig the swap. And wow are Gigas economical / Heartpiercers expensive, since you got a horde of one out of the regiment of the other o_O

          I'd totally use those 10 points to upgrade the Ensnarers' item to something tastier: Brutal or +1Nv most likely, though Helm of the Ram is a thought for that one time they get to charge before grinding.
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            This is interesting. +1 Nerve versus + 1-3 wounds. Nerve is better when You get hit hard in one go but otherwise getting 1-3 wounds is at least as good as getting +1 Nerve. And 10 pts cheaper.

            I was also considering droping a Thuul for a Placoderm Defender with Wings. Or instead of a Siren as their role is similar. To disorder shooters and to eliminate machines.
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              Gigas are not the end all be all, but they are extremely economical and work well in tandem with Placo hordes. I like putting the heal item on them, personally. Depth horrors are good from the damage absorption perspective, with ensnare and their higher nerve, unless your regular meta has a lot of bow guys or mobile BWs. Overall, I like Depth Horrors more, but the Gigas have a very definite roll in the army. Both are very well priced for what they do.


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                Deep Horrors is something I am also considering. Placoderm horde is fantastic but this is just 1500 pts and Placoderms cost 300! and more importantly there are no Mantic miniatures...

                Gigas are very good against high defence units. Not as great as 18 attack hordes against soft targets. But yes - deep horrors is something I am considering!


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                  For what it's worth, Placoderms are 300pts of 'this will never die'. Literally the only time that they've been routed were because of AD heavy mortars, and the only time in melee was because the game had gone bottom-up and I had lost everything else except an Envoy.

                  Still, 300pts *is* a lot at 1500 - heck, it's a lot at 2000. But if you're using the CoK rules... they're very good. They also kind of depend on having a synergistic build, as I found when I had the two contingents (one of the gigasx2/placs and the wyrmriders/knuckers) that it resulted in the enemy dealing with the wyrmriders/knuckers first and then the slow infantry second; basically, I was playing two 1000pt lists and it was too possible for them to deal with each portion over different turns of the game. It definitely wasn't a bad list at all, and if I had more self-control and didn't throw the WR way far ahead then it might've been less of an issue, but I don't so it was.


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                    True, true. Plcoderm are super durable. And I will use them on two thousand point games.

                    What would you take in a 1500 list? Deep horrors or gigas?

                    did you try a plsacoderm regiment?

                    Do you know many players not using CoK? I love it.
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                      Still haven't used DH ever (they're on the top of the list though...), so I can't really speak to them yet. I think resilience is so much more important/back-breaking at lower point games though, so I would think the Gigas are possibly the better choice? I really can't say for sure though. I've never tried Plac regiments, as going down to a 13/15 nerve is... I don't know why it's so low, basically. In theory they could definitely work, as they don't take much damae, but taking two regiments is so expensive when one horde is just as good (...ish, depending on what you need I suppose) and saves ~60 points.

                      And re: CoK... everyone uses it. In theory the rules are totally optional, but the store/people I play with generally have GTs in mind, and so whatever is going to be tournament standard becomes meta-standard for us.


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                        As intended. Good. CoK is great.

                        Why 13/15? Most TR get -1 nerve due to regen or high DEF/ensnere. Golem HORDE has -/17. So a Placoderm regiment with 13/15 does not look bad. With healing brew of Banner of a Gryffin You get a solid nerve.

                        I think I will go for Gigas in first few games. Not even with haste but something to boost their nerve. Brew of Courage or healing brew (Nerve 18 is VERY good).

                        hERE IT IS:

                        Naiad Ensnarers, horde, Healing Brew
                        Gigas, horde, Grew of Courage

                        Riverguard, troop, CS1

                        Naiad Wyrmriders, horde, botok

                        Coral giant

                        Naiad Envoy, Banner of the Griffin
                        Thuul Mythican, Bane Chant (2), Inspiring Talisman

                        Placoderm Defender, wings of honeymaze / Siren / 2nd RG troop
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                          Well, when you are parsing my advice remember that I play a very MSU style of the army with multiple Riverguard troops zooming around, so the kinds of things that normally trip up Depth Horrors tend to be less of a concern to me. Also, most of the metas I roll in tend to spam the hell out of CS, so the durability of the Gigas does not have as large an impact as the combined strong nerve and ensnare of the Horrors. The typical trident list I have seen other people use is not going to get out of them what I do, but they still make an amazing objective holder, when camping in terrain.

                          Now as for Placo Hordes, I stayed away from them for a long time due to the point sink and slow movement. But with the hammer, you can sort of just jam them up the middle and make people expose themselves when they throw enough force to be rid of them. I think at 1500, you are better served by tossing Gigas hordes or even a Naiad Ensnarer horde out there, to conserve points. With regeneration and a little screening, the Ensnarer horde can be damn near as good at absorbing a beating in lower point games, especially if you make the most of regeneration.


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                            Came back from a 1300 pts tournament where I used my AD but was watching my games if I were using TR. Is nine drops fenough? Three hordes are expensive and they limits the number of drops.

                            ​​​​​​Maby replacing giant with knucker and swarm would be s better option. Nine drops in today's tournament was OK number but not for two hounded pts more list...


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                              Ok. After long deliberation I decided to tweak my list one more time. I want 10 drops:

                              Naiad Ensnarers, horde,
                              Gigas, horde,

                              Riverguard, troop, CS1
                              Riverguard, troop, CS1

                              Naiad Wyrmriders, horde, botok


                              Naiad Envoy, w/ Lute
                              Naiad Envoy, w/ Kaba

                              Placoderm Defender, wings of honeymaze

                              1500 / 1500

                              As usual I am 25-30 pts short and can not take Diadem for 2nd Envoy I want. I could replace one Riverguard troop with tridal swarm and will have 15 pts for Healing Brew or something similar. Which option is better? I do like the breath weapon Envoy to be honest but RG... At least I could have something to screen Gigas / Naiads.