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  • Continuation of the Sandpit

    Ok so this is probably the 30th draft of this list that I have been working on with my buddy for the last few months and frankly doesnt resemble the original list at all. I am planning on taking this list to a tournament in a bout a month and I want to get some extra opinions.

    Horde of Revenants - Casket of the Damned, Healing Brew 215 pts
    Regiment of Mummies - Casket of the Damned 180 pts
    Regiment of Mummies - Casket of the Damned 180 pts
    Regiment of Chariots - 115 pts
    Regiment of Chariots - 115 pts
    Horde of Revenant Worm Riders - 210 pts
    Horde of Enslaved Guardian Archers - Blessing of the Gods 270 pts
    Reanimated Behemoth - 190 pts
    Ahmunite Pharaoh - Wings of Honeymaze 195 pts
    - Surge(8)
    Cursed High Priest - Mreb's Grimoire of Unspeakable Darkness 165 pts
    - Surge (10+4), Heal (4)
    Cursed High Priest - Myrrdin's Amulet of the Fire Heart 165 pts
    - Surge (10), Fireball (12), Vicious, Mount

    So the basic idea is a solid core in the two mummy regiments and Revenants supported by the surge priest on foot. These guys will be my anvil while the Behemoth
    acts as a hammer and the Sneks become a flank sweeper/hammer since they are much less reliant on priest support. The chariots act as my chaff/anti chaff and basic run around units to disrupt/block. The Guardian Archers act as my rear line objective holder as well as a big hitter to either pick off threat units or soften up tough units. The mounted priest is mobile so will be a good support unit further out from the core slash softening up a unit or finishing one off with fireball. The pharaoh is purely a back line harassment/archer disruption/war machine hunter and if absolutely needed can shore up a flank with his speed and resilience.

    Let me know what you all think or what suggestions you may have!

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    Nice, very solid centre. A couple fewer fast units than I like to take but maybe the guardian archers can compensate. This army might do well with the surge, because you've got the capacity to double surge a couple of big units quite a long way without necessarily leaving them isolated.

    It's interesting to compare the 3 'sandpit' armies, we've all taken 2 priests & a pharaoh and some mummies, I guess that's how you know it's Empire of Dust . Chariots & Wyrmriders, maybe I should get some.


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      It is pretty interesting how much they all vary. Again, chariots, guardians, worm riders, and the behemoth are all items that I'm not overly seeing the full potential in, but that doesn't mean that I'm right. Very interested in hearing how the list plays!


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        I'd like to see the Worm Riders given something to help with their derpy movement stat - either Haste or Cat potion. I've played against Albanyadriel's to the point that he stopped taking them, as I crushed or trapped them game after game. Sp 6 + no pathfinder is rough for a unit with CS(1) + TC(1) and hitting on 4's, even with that many attaks. You've got plenty of items to pull points from (Myrrdin, Mreb, Healing Brew, Revenant Casket).

        I'm also used to playing against double mounted fireball priests with heal, and those guys are so ridiculously good, while not being really that expensive (170 each). I really struggle to kill them, while they meanwhile surge / nuke / heal / inspire whatever they need to.
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          The priests are legit.

          Worm Riders I think suffer from the same problem as hordes of dwarfs, wide frontage-low speed so charges get awkward in the scrum. They also do not shamble which is oddly problematic. I think they would be more Maneuverable if they did shamble since EoD have huge surge numbers on the aforementioned legit priests combined with a large target. I'm still deciding what to do with them and admittedly have never tried the +1 speed item. Maybe they come into their own? I doubt it though.


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            Boss Salvage so since both Potion of Caterpillar and Brew of Haste are viable points wise do you think the speed or the pathfinder is the better option. I have previously run both at different times and the Sneks are one of my favorite units but I am constantly never really sure what artifact is the better option.

            Albanyadriel Yea I can never justify not taking priests or taking just one lol. I run a pretty close core so the Sneks in my lineup generally have a lot of space to maneuver and I personally like the lack of shambling because then they can operate outside the priest's influence and still be effective.
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              Likewise, I look forward to hearing how this gets on.

              To my mind the Behemoth simply doesn't have the number of attacks needed to be a hammer. I have found the Guardian Archers to be very effective - but in the past with the now-banned +1 to hit item. Whether they will do as well with Elite is dubious. They are quite paper-bag-like in combat, so it is a less multi-purpose item on them than on Ogre shooters, for example. Your centre looks very hard to shift, but a bit slow and low on numbers of attacks and Crushing Strength. I like to field Shobik and the Bone Giant for that reason - having at least some M7 apart from the Chariots makes a big difference, I think.

              I have decided to give Worm Riders with the Haste item a run out, hoping that they can win a flank, backed by the flying Pharaoh and Scavengers and maybe either a chariot regiment or the Bone Giant, depending on the enemy's deployment, scenery, scenario, etc. We'll see. I always keep the Pathfinder item for a chariot unit if I am fielding them.


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                If I am being perfectly honest I have never really used the Giant and the main reason is lack of a model for him. I have a model for the behemoth and thats why I have been playing him. Its the same reason I used Skeleton Spearmen for so long, they were what I had model wise. In the future I do plan on getting a giant, but for now thats not really feasible so for this list I am taking a behemoth.

                Edzig I have found the elite to work pretty decently (not as good as +1 to hit obviously) I find I roll a pretty fair amount of 1s to hit and the elite makes up for that. Like you Guardian Archers have been very effective for me. The center is slow but I tend to compensate with surge charges and shenanigans of that nature to negate the slowness issues. Honestly I prefer a hard to shift center because in previous games the center is where I get broken so the harder to shift core will hopefully let me be more effective on the flanks with a core that can hold the line.

                I think I am gonna go with Haste on the Sneks because you are right the extra speed combined with their attacks can make my opponent work much harder. The Bone Giant will definitely be my next major addition to the army since it seems clear that he is the next integral piece for my list.


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                  I'd say go with Haste, nice and cheap, let's them face off with Sp6 enemies (a LOT of the game), work that flank like you want, etc.

                  FWIW, I'm constantly blown away by Albanyadriel's Bone Giant. That dude is soooo good, and such a great surge target, since it can laser into flanks very easily, then commence to wreck face.
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                    I think that a mix of mummies with the behemot can be a semi hammer + anvil, the idea behing to combine their attacks to get some decent offensive power with a frontage still less than your average horde (in fact a swadwich of bone giant + mummies regiment + behemot would be a tough nut to crack and able to combo charge together most hordes with a decent chance of killing it while smaller units would have a harder time focusing on any one of the trio dur to their smaller size)


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                      Nothing to add, but a great read, all!


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                        Agreed with above, great discussion going on.

                        CanadianPeople Have you been able to get any games in? Whats working and what isn't?


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                          Haven't gotten a chance to play them yet. Work has been making gaming difficult but hopefully will be able to get a game in the next week or so.


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                            Finally got a game in with my EoD. Did not go as well as I would have hoped but a good portion of that was due to me making mistakes and overextending myself when there really was no need to do it. I ended up getting tabled at the bottom of turn 6 by an abyssal Dwarf Artillery line.

                            Opponents Army:
                            Horde of Decimators
                            3x Regiment of Immortals
                            2x Heavy Mortar
                            3x Rocket Battery
                            Hoprde of Bull Centaurs
                            Iron Caster
                            Obsidian Golem
                            Another hero unit which I can't recall
                            And a bunch of miscellaneous artifacts

                            I took the list posted earlier and we played scour. I got the first turn which I really wanted when squared off against an artillery line. I was able to advance and hold 3x 3 point objectives and one 2 pointer that I was able to get in deployment. Turn 2 is where I started to make mistakes and not stick to playing the objectives. Even though I got tabled I had a Chariot Regiment, Pharaoh, Revenant Horde, CHP, and a Mummy regiment left heading into the bottom of turn 6, all of them were wounded to some extent (the revenants had 24/25 wounds fromt eh previous round and got a double one nerve roll).

                            Post game thoughts and critique:

                            I made a lot of mistakes that I should know better than to make and that is a major reason i got tabled. I overextended to engage when I should have played the objective and made them slow ass dwarves walk to me. As far as Units go the revenants and mummies were stellar performed just as well as I had hoped especially in tandem. I wasted one of the chariot regiments stupidly but the other one did great. snagged an objective until I needed it to break an immortal unit with a side charge.Guardian archers did about average but ended up succumbing to the heavy mortars. The behemoth is one of those units I like but seems to either underperform or overperform never just average, and it gets targeted a lot so that may be a factor. Worm riders squared off against the Bull centaurs and lost but I am not unhappy their as in about 10 matchups the worm riders and bull centaurs seem to come out about 50/50. The pharaoh is perfect against this army as there are lots of war machines to hunt. The CHPs always do well and I lost one early only due to bad positioning. Overall I need to play to the objectives and not get greedy. A majority of the parts of the list performed exactly how I wanted I just didn't use them properly so next time I will need to stick to my game plan and I think I will see a different outcome.