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    What do you take and how many? I feel like this army really needs to make use of surge but it cheapest casters are 120pts.

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    It can depend on what sort of style army you are running.

    Have you gone for a horde style list or one with multiple smaller/faster units which are trying to get into the flanks/rear?

    If the latter you will need a higher number to make the army function.

    I'd say two as a minimum at 2k - a third, especially if combat capable is nice.


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      It's all about the cursed high priests for me . My latest draft has two and a cursed pharaoh, but I have been taking 3, and sometimes an army standard bearer. It's hard to fit too many in because the monsters and war machines compete for slots.


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        My buddy also uses two cursed high priests and the pharaoh, they do their job well and have enough other utility (Heal, Inspiring, Blocking, also Tarpitting and Warmachine hunting on the Pharaoh) to feel like a menace on the battle field not a tax in his army.


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          2 cursed high priests is enough in 2k. They inspire and surge, which is all you want. Usually I take one more source of inspiration, either an army standard or flying/riding pharaoh.

          Surge is mainly used for flank charges, therefore two should be enough. I don't think I'd want to shell out 120 more points for a 3rd.


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            I take two priests and a pharaoh in pretty much every list. I give the pharaoh wings of honeymaze to go hunting and be a super mobile inspiring. The priests both get heal and surge but one gets Mreb's Grimoire of unspeakable darkness to roll with my main force and make for some nasty long range surges. The second I give a mount and recently been trying out the healing artifact on him so he can surge and throw some Heal (6) around where needed. I have very very rarely had an issue with inspiring in this set up and I don't see myself changing anytime soon.