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  • Minimum figure count

    how strict are the rules for minimum figure count for units,I want to use my large LOTR minas tirith army but because of their 25mm bases it is impossible to get the full figure count and for troops and regiments struggle to get past 50% figure count.Don't want to rebase as still used for LOTR games but would this be a major problem for an official tournament?

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    As long as your bases look relatively full you shouldn't have a problem. You would be able to play, but you might/would probably get dinged on paint points for that.


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      If it's an official tournament then the minimum model count is the minimum. Unofficial tournaments may be more lenient.


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        Generally, playing with 4 wide infantry troops instead of 5 is not an issue within the standard 100mm width for an infantry troop or regiment but the depth of the troop and regiment will be a bit deeper than normally allowed. With the LOTR round 25mm bases you can play 4 wide in front and 3 wide in the second rank of each troop unit of infantry to reduce the footprint a bit and get closer to 40mm deep for a troop and 80mm deep for a regiment. 7 models out of 10 is fine for MMC at most events but you will find the footprint they need is just a bit deeper than the usual 100mm by 40mm infantry regiment footprint.

        I have used LOTR army of the dead models for wraiths and phantoms. I have either used 11 models or 14 models in a regiment depending on how deep the tray was and no one had an issue with it. But you may not get as good of army appearance scores unless you multibase (which can include trimming the bases down to fit better and more creative basing but fewer models tend to be deemed acceptable as long as enough "stuff" is on the base to be obvious what is being represented.


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          50%+1 and the unit base must be the right size (minimum, it can always be larger)

          There should not be the problem to get 6/11 25mm based models on a troop/regiment unit base (just don't use the War of the Rings unit bases)