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  • Seasonal Mini-campaign!

    Every year I try to come up with a couple of christmassy scenarios for our little club to play. A few years now it has been about fighting Santa Klawz, the ork Mek and his terrible Stompa Rudeoolph in the 40k universe. This year we head to Mantica, as an unusual amount of Krampi have awoken and fool, bribe or coerce armies to follow them to the Howling Mountains. Check it out on, and why not try it out for yourselves!

    Every year I try to scheme up a campaign with a Yule-time theme. Usually its for Warhammer 40k but this year Mantica is the scene of war. The Edge of the Abyss took us a step forward towards regularly playing Kings of War. So much that I decided to write up my planned yearly seasonal…
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