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  • Speed 0 vs - (pendanticism)

    In the FB group there was a question:
    Units with no movement value can still pivot on the spot? (e.g EoD monolith)

    This brought me looking through the books to make sure this hole was closed (although I can't find where it is, as far as I can tell, it can be issued any order still, so changing facing should be possible RAW, unfortunately).

    However, then I noticed that Surge and Windblast both have a provision for units with a Sp of 0 (can't affect them), but that this also creates another hole for units like the Monolith where there is no Sp value. Since a NULL value is not normally equal to 0, the Monolith can technically be Windblasted and Surged.

    Am I missing something that currently prevents this or does something need added to the FAQ to address units with no Sp value, like below?

    [suggested FAQ entry]
    Units with no Sp value ("-") automatically receive Halt orders at the start of the Move phase, and may never move during the course of the game by any method (including Surge, Windblast, etc).
    [/suggested FAQ entry]

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    Technically, RAW, couldn't they counter-charge? Or end up shuffled after combat? There's a whole host of things wrong here the more I think about it.

    EDIT - okay, it's classed as a War Engine, so it can't counter-charge, but it could still be involved in a combat where it is charged, not broken, and the chargers can't move, so it is supposed to.
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      Update: they will add it to the FAQ someday. For now:

      Chris Morris: For all intents and purposes a unit with no speed value effectively has speed 0, it cannot be targeted by windblast or surge, are effectively immobile and also cannot be issued any move, charge or counter charge orders.

      Further discussion reveals that you should play these as completely unmoveable, as you think via common sense. They will try to get all the holes plugged in next FAQ.
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