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Clarification: Movement over obstacles

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  • Clarification: Movement over obstacles

    I was just browsing the rules on the softback rule book between pathfinder and strider and I am not sure if i am interpreting this correctly:
    Strider allows unhindered charges, but it does not state that it can on the double through obstacles am I right?

    1)So if a unit has strider, it is given 'on the double' order and it has to stop just before the obstacle am i right?

    2)If the unit stops behind or ends it normal move on the obstacle, it has to move normally to clear the obstacle first? Assuming the road ahead has nothing for it to charge.


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    Yup, you have it correct on both points. Strider is only relevant during charges, and obstacles block at the double moves if they are involved in any part of your at the double.


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      Both correct Strider stops hindered charges but doesn't mean you can move at the double over obstacles.


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        Although, you might be able to pivot a unit across a obstacle or piece thereof, during a charge or other movement. Provided it's sufficiently small and not to close to the unit's center. Strider or not.
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          Thanks for the clarification guys!