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Anyone interested in working on a variant of KoW with me based on Disciples II?

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  • Anyone interested in working on a variant of KoW with me based on Disciples II?

    I play disciples II alot by myself and always get so sad that it is an ancient game that few people play anymore. and i dream that it could be played using KoW rules or a variant of it, since KoW is the best game to play anything fantasy and actually could be used to play anything scifi too if adjusted accordingly. Anyone else interested in designing a variant of KoW based on Disciples II completely open ot the KoW community to play?

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    I have no clue how this system of yours works. But I will give you a word of warning. If its complex the number of people wanting to try it will drop off greatly. Part of what makes KoW great is that its simple. The more you add to it the more burdensome it can become.


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      Wow I played this game like 12 years ago!
      IIRC, can't you just play kow as it is? there are deamons (abyssals) undead, something like nature, and good (basilean).
      Just rename the units and you're good to go?


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        Yeah, thje simplest is probably just changing the name of KoW units and armies to match the ones from Disciples II.

        If it doesn't match for some, then at worst you might simply make new army lists be recombining appropriate unit profiles from différent KoW lists.

        For exemple if I wanted to create a wood elf army list from Warhammer in KoW that matched exactly the original list, I would probably take some of the units in the elf list,the forest spirit from the Forces of Nature list, maybe the centaurs as a meidum cav with pathfinder to represent the wild riders, and the blades dancers from the wilight kin would make perfect war dancers.

        If you only take existing units with their current rules and points, then you shoudl get fairly balanced lists profided that you dont try do do something like focusing the best of several armies into one list.

        Also, the tortured souls in the abyssal list are somewhat balanced by the lack of surge in the army, so they should probably not be mixed with a surge caster