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  • CoK decisions

    Working up various lists for Clash of Kings next weekend.

    Can't decide how to round out the list (see below).

    Options are:

    1) Horde of polearms & two regiments of foot guard with 2hw
    2) Horde of foot guard with 2hw & two regiments of polearms
    3) Horde of polearms, horde of foot guard with 2hw and militia troop

    Rest of list is:
    Heavy pike horde - measured force
    Reg berserkers - blood of old king
    3 militia troops
    2 siege artillery
    2 war beasts with ballista
    Hero on horse
    Mounted bsb - diadem
    Mounted wizard with BC and lb - inspiring
    Wizard with BC and lb

    Thinking 3 horde one but not massively flexible. Do have plenty of knights but so far not really worked well with them [ran all cav/beast/hero list at one tournament but was drunk/hungover/vomiting which may have prejudiced the army selection ;-) ]

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    I like option 1 personally. I always think that you're better have your harder hitting units in regiments next to your hordes, ready to flank charge anything that charges the horde. Your opponent is unlikely to break the pole arms in one go and even if they do, that means they've most likely committed a lot of their army that the Foot guard can then counter charge.

    And like you say, three hordes can become unwieldy pretty quickly. Over all I think its a nice list, you've plenty of staying power and should have a decent shooting phase.
    Elliot M

    "There you go again, cheating by using the rules correctly!"


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      I think I would go for option 1 as well, but you might want to use foot guard to guard the flanks of the pikes instead, and use the pole arms points to invest in some knights.


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        Cheers. A variant of 1 is likely to get used.

        Francis - while a unit of knights would give me a bit of speed I'd want some quick chaff to assist them, so happier going with infantry and counterpunching


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          Gone with the 2 foot guard regiments.

          16 drops, some potentially heavy hitting long range shooting and all the main combat units have cs1 (or better) or wound on 4+