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Does this look like its ok? I have all the models so why not right?

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    Arty can work pretty well if you take enough of it, but make sure you look over it pretty closely before you start (allot of new players are shocked when they learn their Indirect Fire war machines still need LoS like any other unit)

    Id recommend trying out two siege artillery pieces to start with - great for ruining enemy Monsters and Monstrous Calvary who are so tall your own troops wont normally block LoS (and enemy Calvary if you can keep your own Cav out of the way).


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      I actually will try arty after a couole of games. I spent last night putting stuff together.

      general on wimged beast with dwarven ale
      hero on pegasus
      2 x mounted standard bearers
      shieldwall horde
      pike horde
      musket horde
      2 troops miunted scouts with carbines
      3 reguments of mounted sargeants
      2 ballista
      1 footguard regiment

      15 drops a little lite on inspiring but i feel really good about this army.


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        Looks solid. I'd try to squeeze the lute in on one if the bsb's as you could struggle again high def armies.


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          Yes for sure. Thanks now for painting!


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            Looking forward to learning more about how this list works. I want to have lots of missile cavalry. I,m busy painting 3 Troops of Mounted Scouts (MS) w/ pistols and plan to use a Troop or Regiment of Mounted SGTS too. Having a Troop or two of MS w/ carbines would be nice too but I want to stick with WYSIWYGW and won't be spending $ or time on new minis for a while.
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