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    Hi all, my club are looking to run a tournament and I'm just looking for some ideas. You know, anything to make it special for competitors and to spice it up a little. Any suggestions are welcome, thanks for any help given

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    I think sticking to the scenarios in the current CoK book helps a tournament run better when compared to home brew rules that while fun add too much chaos and rules questions.

    For other things that would be fun, have some awards for things that aren't just the top players. Wooden spoon for last place, person who placed exactly in the middle, highest/lowest amount of models in an army, person who came from the farthest place and so forth.


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      Best painted army gets their picture on the wall of fame together with the painter?


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        We're running our first tournament in May ( and we've decided to stick to Clash of Kings 18 for the most part with a slightly revised scoring system.

        A few of the bits that we're doing to differentiate ourselves are awards for the best newcomer, awards for the most improved compared to their rankings from last year, and really really good food. No Subway platters in sight!

        Apart from that, we just want our events to be really well run (in terms of organisation) and for people to have 4 good games against good opponents.

        Gimmicks and twists can be nice every now and again, but as tournaments are how I get to play the majority of my game, I personally prefer to play 3/4 games using a standard format.
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