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Where to find more Skeletal Dogs?

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  • Where to find more Skeletal Dogs?

    I know they come with some of the undead sprues, but I'm looking for a bit more of them. I was wondering if anyone knew where to just get the skeletal dogs? Coming up short on where to find them myself. Thank you!

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    Check ebay. Skeletal dog. Ral Partha makes a nice figure too.
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      Warmonger do some nice zombie dogs if you don't mind them being non-mantic;

      If you're specifically after the Mantic dogs, you could possibly try contacting Mantic directly and seeing if they can do a custom order.


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        There were a few zombie wolves and skeletal dogs in d&d miniatures, you might found somes on ebay maybe


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          Try these guys, cover most undead gaps


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            Do they have to be skeletal, or undead in general? In case of the latter:



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              I'd be more than happy to trade you a good number of them in exchange for the naiad frogs and otters...

              As an aside, I understand why Mantic doesn't sell these separate (they're one bit on a whole sprue), but at the same time... I would easily buy about 50 of those frogs and otters just to finish up my tidal swarms if I could.