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Battle Compendium, even more mistakes than normal for Mantic

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  • Battle Compendium, even more mistakes than normal for Mantic

    I know the title might sound negative, and perhaps it is. I have complained before about the (lack of) attention to detail that goes into Mantic products. However, the battle compendium is the worst they have made yet.

    It might be Geiger, whatever that it, and the switch to epub3 rather than pdf that tripped them up. It might be my old Ipad cannot render everything correctly.

    I actually LIKE mantic, and I understand that they are a small company that is trying to do many things. If I did not care for Mantic, I would not report these things. So Mantic, for the love of the game, hire an editor, and force him to read the actual books before you publish them. Or, if this is not possible, get a group of volunteers to proof read your publications before release. I would actually like to proof read your products for you, but not if I have to pay you for it.

    Here are a listing of the kind of problems I have encountered, along with links to sample pages where the error occurred. I hope I am not breaching Intellectual property rights by posting this, but in that case, take the post down.

    1. Quick links
    In my Battle compendium, none of the links work. Pressing a link crashed iBooks. This is probably due to my ipad running IOS 9.x and being rather old. It is however, a warning I would have liked to get BEFORE I spent 40 pounds on the book.

    2. Indentation
    Almost all the unit entries are indented wrong. Not wrong by a lot, but enough to seem unprofessional
    Can be seen here:
    Related: Notice the unit type of the Forest warden here

    3. Quicklinks link to wrong rules
    This page shows it well
    Notice the halfling sorcerer having a link to Blast, because he has wind blast
    And the Master sergeant above having a link to inspiring, because he has Very Inspiring.

    4. Missing quicklinks
    Other entries just lack the quicklinks, in a nonlogical fashion.
    See Why is crushing strength linked, but Iron resolve is not?

    5. Broken text and rules
    In the example above, notice the line
    Lightning bolt (3) (+25
    One would expect the ending to be pts), but this is missing

    6. No quicklinks to the more unusual stuff
    Weapons are not quicklinked. This is somewhat annoying for the more unusual weapons such as long rifles.
    Spells are not quicklinked. This is somewhat annoying, but for new rules like Mindthirst, it is really irritating.
    League of Rhodia: No quicklink to the Lob it! rule, but rather a guide to how to find it manually.

    7. Missing commas in special rules
    So the KoM Captain is an Individual Master Tactician.
    Or the Abbess is Individual Very Inspiring.
    This is not really a problem, it just completes the look of the book.

    8. Quicklinks where no quicklinks should ever be
    I give you
    But the best examples are either this
    or (Spear Phalanx unit name is a quicklink)

    9. Misuse of Italics
    Like this
    Or this

    10. Pictures obscuring text

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    The Battle Compendium, in general, is not a great product. It refuses to open in many epub readers due to its size. I can only open it on my phone, after downloading an app to do so. There's no way to associate file types with Edge in Windows 10, for example, so unless Edge was already being used as your default browser (<5% of the browser market), you simply can't open it on a PC without finding a program that doesn't limit on size (most of these are pay or highly suspect). My Ipad refuses to open it.

    The layout is not a print layout, so some pages go on forever (scroll, scroll, scroll), and some are barely pages at all. I highly recommend reconsidering this format for the future, Mantic Games.

    Honestly, I don't even care about the links (which would be cool if done correctly). Just strip out the pictures, edit, properly layout and reduce the file size so that damn thing will open in normal, default applications. Or at least offer that as an option. Hell, a PDF at twice the file size would be fine, at least that I can open.

    Further reading: