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Multibasing models on square bases?

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  • Multibasing models on square bases?

    Hey, so I came into possession of an undead mega force and a lot of old Tomb Kings models that I want to use in KoW. Issue is, they're all pretty much stuck to their 20mm square bases. I was wondering if there was a way to multibase these units even though they're stuck to their bases.

    Bonus points if it can be done with shogun miniatures steel movement trays; I have a ton of these laying around. I was thinking some cork and creativity could do it, but if anyone has tips (or a link/pictures), it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    I just put magnets in the bottom of the 20mm bases and let the magnets keep them permanently attached to the Shogun steel trays. They're still single based, but it ends up being the same thing. It doesn't look great if you put just the minimum number of figures though, so you're best of putting the full number which may or may not be a problem for you.


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      There's also conversion trays you can buy and plop the based minis into. If you get the 3mm thick one (same as GW bases) you can then glue them down and base the space in between the 20mm bases so it looks cohesive.

      One downside of this is that you can only fit 12 holes in a 100x80mm tray, so units may look a bit too sparse.
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        Use filler putty to fill in between the induvial bases. Attaching the entire operation onto a proper size mutli base. The effect will be a lil raised up but otherwise fine.


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          I used foamboard and cut base holes in it, flocked and added some bits and slotted my old army in, that also gives the benefit of the option to use other old whfb models on the same (Multi)bases (Sorry for the kak photo)


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            You can just cut them off the base.


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              I glued the 20mm bases to a movement tray (also using 20mm mdf blank spacers) and then used wood putty to putty them in. you can see one I was assembling in the background with the final result in the foreground.