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    Trident Noms:
    Best in Race: Riverguard. Placos are good, but slow and easily chaffed out. For 120 points its impossible to find a more utilitarian unit in the game than Riverguard Troops. You can build a winning list out of nothing but Riverguard, but you cannot do the same with Placoderms.

    Best Monster: Coral Giant, hands down. Ensnare and Iron Resolve on a giant.... Knucker is second, but not really the sort of workhorse the giant is.

    Best Cavalry: There only is one cavalry and its good, but not top tier. The hero version of Wyrm Riders is quite excellent, though, and probably the best hero in the army.

    Best Chaff: For a premium of 45 points, Riverguard bring speed, ranged threat, flight, and actual ability to hurt units to the table. Swarms are decent, but just too slow. Knucker is solid in this category, but lacks the flight and ranged plinking of the RG troops while also costing more.

    Best Shooter: Heart Piercer regiment with the bag of winds is pricey, but is frighteningly effective at covering the center board. Really, the only good shooting in the unit in the list.

    Best Large Infantry: Depth Horrors are ensnaring ogre warriors with superior nerve for less cost, with D3 being their sole limitation.

    Most Underated: Nokken Troops. I know BW spam has somewhat fallen out of favor, but getting some BW on regenerating troops on the cheap is a decent way to build a short ranged gunline, especially if you pair it with the placo wall tactic. Honorable mention to the Riverguard captain, who for the low cost of 110 combines some solid combat abilities with vicious, inspiring for the Riverguard bubble, and short range flight.

    Most disappointing: Tie between the Trident King and Leviathan Bane. On paper both seem scary, but in practice they are useless point sinks that only manage to work against inexperienced opponents.

    Most Overrated: Placoderms are good, but if a Move 4 horde is breaking the game for you, then you probably are not using enough chaff. Honorable mention goes to the Siren, who usually uses her spell once and then dies promptly afterward, without ever accomplishing anything meaningful.


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      Game Wide:

      Infantry- Shock Troops are so far above the rest that other options are not even worth mentioning. They are also probably the single best unit in the game.

      Best Monster- Rat Demon is the only monster in the game with a fixed attack value higher than 10 and it also hits on 3+, unlike the bulk of them. It also comes with flight as an option and the best spell in the game. The Abyssal Demon Lords are so much worse that its basically laughable.

      Best Large Infantry- Obsidian Golems hit harder, have better Defense, and cost less than anything like them in the game. Honorable mention probably goes to Elohi, who just plain bring everything good to the table, though at a high point cost.

      Best Cavalry- Brock Riders are ludicrously high nerve, fearless, and hit like a freight train on the charge. Even the troop versions of them are dangerous and inexpensive. Really, only Soul Reaver Cavalry comes close to being as dangerous. Id give Stampedes a shout out, but any experienced player with chaff can deal with them easily enough. Its when people take Stampedes as allies in armies lacking the limitations of Herd that they get ugly.

      Best Chaff- Gargoyles could cost 50% more than they do and people would still take them. Whats more, every evil army in the game essentially has either direct or easy allied access to them. Sub 100 cost on a flying piece of chaff? They could hit like goblin swarms and they would still be valuable.

      Best Shooting Unit- Probably a tie between the Decimators, who create a giant zone of nope around them and are among the least terrible in a fight shooting units around and Ogre Shooters, who are good at both shooting and fighting for a decent price.

      Best Hero- Half Breed champ, if you put all those abilities in items on a D5 human mounted hero, would cost 50% more than he currently does and still would not have his nerve value. Point for point, he is the most ridiculously undercosted hero in the game. In raw power terms, probably Herja would get the nod from me, and judging how she is written in ink on most Varangur army list drafts, I am probably not alone in that assessment.

      Most Underrated: The Gekto Sky Captain and mounted Revenant King have cost me games with their shenanigans. Both are criminally cheap and widely under used by most people who play those armies. Honorable mention to the Greater Air Elemental, who can bring Soul Drain to the table which synergizes very well with its flight.

      Most Disappointing: Probably a toss up between Skeletons and Dwarf Spearmen, who are overcosted for what they do, especially in their respective armies. Honorable mention to Keisnor Lancers who, despite the buff, remain the most disappointing heavy cavalry in the game.


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        Best in Race (Undead): Zombie Trolls.

        A Horde has -/18 nerve, with 18 CS2 attacks and Sp 6 all for the paltry sum of 175pts.

        With LL(1) and decent access to heal, these are tough units to shift, even with their De of 4+.
        Plus Surge shenanigans is an option.


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          "Best Cavalry- Brock Riders are ludicrously high nerve, fearless, and hit like a freight train on the charge. Even the troop versions of them are dangerous and inexpensive. Really, only Soul Reaver Cavalry comes close to being as dangerous"

          Play with them for a while. Their strange odd-man-out-for-cavalry vibe fades pretty quickly. Hitting on 4, no nimble, M8, TC1, they're weird. Sometimes they kick teeth in. Sometimes they just die. They suffer from the problems all cavalry suffer but they're 4+ defense and 4+ to hit, TC1 and vicious (so, in an extended engagement, you're swinging pillows unless you can BC them or have Strength on them). They're fast, vicious berserker regiments with TC1. That's good, don't get me wrong, but I think Soul Reaver Cav, Brotherhood Cavalry (the badass ones), Varangur cav, and many other cavalry units do the job better. 3+ to hit is so nice.