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I've been working on a big KoW variant project, Tetra Firma, helped by Ironwatch

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  • I've been working on a big KoW variant project, Tetra Firma, helped by Ironwatch

    Dear Everybody,
    About a year ago, maybe less, i asked Mantic for help with a KoW variant project of mine. They were very helpful and directed me to a Mantic-onyl fan magazine called Ironwatch, which is amazing. Since then, I have been working with them to bring my variant to the Kow-playing community. Their official version of my work is still over four months away, so I thought that i would share some of it with those who wanted to take a sneak peak at it.Preferrably, we could use some playtesters before the main version this Ironwatch magazine's digital pages. Any pre-testers would get early access to everything I currently have on the project as long as they promised not to use it for their own gain. None of us are making any moeny on this anyway. my hope is that eventually the whole KoW-playing community will play it and Mantic will pick it up and make it an official part of their universe. Maybe I will write books for Tetra Firma eventually.
    Here are some key things that set Tetra Firma apart from KoW:
    Fewer factions, each faction has sub-factions
    More dynamic magic system
    Different world, different fluff
    No Elves or Orcs, lots of Dwarves
    Armor is more important
    more ranged combat
    More historically related than KoW less so than KoW Historical
    More story-driven
    I have not developed formations for it yet, need playtesters' help for that, did not have them in KoW when I worked on it
    More defensively oriented
    Different species of non-humans and undead are non-traditional at times; not all demons and Necromancers are bad in my universe and Inquisition is important part of the story and game and more benign than in many other games.
    Moar Barmu