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    Can an all mounted ( including some flyers be competative. Thinking Brotherhood or Varagur.

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    Sure, just bare a few things in mind. Mounted units tend to cost more than there counter parts that are not mounted. There wont always be a direct counter part. Also that TC will be a thing and that means you have to get use to the idea of either having crush to make up for it or bane chant. Cause there will be combats where you loose it and having no mods to armour is a tough road to hoe.


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      All mounted certainly can work. It lets you pick your battles and hit hard. There are a few things you'll need to be aware of and plan for though:

      Firstly, in games that involve picking up tokens, the drop in speed can be quite painful for cavalry armies and can end up costing you your thunderous charge. The flipside of course is that you can get across the board quickly to grab those tokens in the first place.

      Speaking of TC, certain armies can really mess up cavalry. Nature can sit in forests all day for example and those hindered charges can be brutal. Of course you will also come across the reverse and find armies that don't have an answer to massed cavalry.

      Finally, as Geist said, you can end up outnumbered very easily. Make sure you get the most out of your charges to compensate.

      All in all, I would say a cavalry army definitely requires finesse but there's absolutely no reason you couldn't do well with one.


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        All mounted can work, I have done some testing with Brotherhood. The issue that comes in to play is two-fold: the impact of losing TC, and the low nerve-to-point cost ratio relative to armies that are more rounded in their makeup (let alone horde armies). I found a sweet spot that was successful with Brotherhood, but it wasn't purely all cav, I was running all cav plus 2 hordes of water elementals to fairly good effect.


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          I've tried something similar with herd - admittedly with some lycans (but they're so fast and big they were honorary cavalry). Pathfinder helps with not losing TC at least due to difficult terrain. Still gotta watch out for obstacles - though stampedes can get round even that. Herd also has beast packs and harpies for chaff duty.

          Though it does rather depend on whether you want an all mounted list, or all cavalry. Herd units tend to be unridden beasts.

          And it certainly can be made to work.


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            I've come up first in a small local tourney with a 1,500 point Brotherhood list which includes (aside from a single forsaken beast) only cavalry and flyers. Worked as a charm, but only because our meta has drifted into elite-elite armies which are easily countered by 2 troops and a regiment of recoinnoitererers combined with knights, especially cheap ones as the initiates which are easily sacrificed too.

            To a more competitive tourney I wouldn't bring only mounted models, though, as the goblin wall of death would destroy me. I'd include maybe a few water elementals (as Thorgrim suggests) or possibly some cheap infantry.


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              Yes, I do it quite often. You just need to plan things out. Normally I use KoM though as the heroes are cheap as chips and form a vital part of the plan.


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                I like the look of Varanhur........ the Fallen look like the ultimate utility unit * was trying to look at something a bit different.


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                  Yes Fallen are brilliant, but with them you aren't all cav. Actually in a sense it doesn't even play as a cav army. Your mounted sons/direfangs become the hard center/anvil and your fallen play a more traditional cav role.


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                    Or, even;

                    Horde of air elementals
                    2 * regiment of centaur bray striders
                    2* regiment of centaur bray hunters
                    2* sylph talon rider regiment
                    Beast of nature , wings, zap (5)
                    Greater air elemental
                    Druid, horse, surge (7)
                    2* centaur chief, bow

                    2000 points of all mounted nature.

                    I'd have to play with it a bit but there's certainly potential there, it would require careful handling because many of the units have glass hammer syndrome .


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                      Hmm... I've also been playing around with the idea of an all mounted crusader knights type of army.

                      Brotherhood looks considerably too fiddly for my tastes personally, I rather liked the idea of a Basillian Paladin Knights army (allying in KOM for more specialized types of Cav units).


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                        A decent mix of cavalry units, mounted heroes, flyer's and monsters can work.

                        It takes a little practice to get it working (which I haven't reached yet ;-) ) but does have downsides as mentioned above.


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                          The Darklord (one of the UKs top players) is running an Varangur mostly Cavalry Army if you count m8 Fallen. He seems to be doing well with them. Maybe check out his blog for a good read.


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                            Alrready read Dans blog, kind of why i wanted to do a little different.......... maybe Direfangs and Lycans