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Dealing with obsidian golems

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  • Dealing with obsidian golems

    I generally play ogres and have a pretty hard time of it when I have played against obsidian golems - against almost all the units (bar siegebreakers) my troops come off second best - no waver, good cs, good defence and vicious means that even a multicharge by two ogre hordes will do 8 damage (on average, assuming that they are not hindered), won't break them and I will have a unit wrecked on the following turn (7 damage, no chance of being hindered due to countercharging). Despite this they are similar points cost to the ogre horde. Does anyone have any ideas in how to reliably manage them? I was thinking along the lines of red gobin blasters (but these are inherently unreliable and having to get them where they need to go against an army with strong shooting is challenging. Thoughts?

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    Obsidian golems are a very tough unit for all the reasons you've described. Backed up by a surge caster, multiple units of them present a serious threat that isn't easy to shift. That said, you do have a few options open to you.

    1. Lute of insatiable darkness. An army standard with this beauty can be the difference between hardly scratching the golems and taking a lump out of them.

    2. Flank attacks. You have the speed advantage over the golems which can help you to surround them.

    3. Disorder the surge caster. This is a big one that can severely hamper the flexibility of the golems. If you can disorder the caster (Mounted red goblin with Blade of Slashing has a reasonable shot at doing this) You make yourself safe from surges for a turn.

    4. Kill the surge caster. Tricky to do but possible with boomers and lightning bolts if you can force him out from behind the golems.

    5. Heavy Hitters. Siege breakers, Mammoth, Giant, Bane-chant on a legion and Grokagamok all have the potential to simply combine charges and overwhelm the golems with high burst damage.

    6. Ignore them. Assuming this isn't an entire army of golems, you can often ignore them and focus on the scenario. They aren't fast units and typically clump together. This reduces the amount they can do on the board quite a bit.

    7. Chaff them. 3 Golem hordes and a surge caster aren't cheap. Red goblins are. Force them to spend their game fighting pointless units while your ogres deal with the rest of the army.

    Those are a few options I can think of off the top of my head. Obsidian golems are a very tough unit, no doubt about it. Hopefully this gives you some ideas about how you can either destroy them or at least limit their effectiveness.


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      One of the (very) few weaknesses of the Obsidian Golem unit is that it lacks pathfinder. If you can draw it into terrain and then counterpunch *really* hard, you can pop them. It's not easy, though, and you can guarantee someone with a few hordes of these guys is going to have the Griffin Banner behind them.


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        hit it with a ogre legion with brew of strength? - to be fair that was my answer to everything last weekend... and our team did finish last... 3 double 6s,,, grumble grumble, dice are broken grumble grumble...


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          Also, thinkgs like giant or similar monsters are a nice way of getting a decent number of powerful attacks in a relatively small footprint, making it easier to combo charge with other units.

          An ogre horde with a giant or twso in support should be very effective and the giants are tought and should be able to be used again for the next golem unit.


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            I would say Ogre are one of the best armies to take on the Golems for the reasons listed above. Bar Siege Breakers; well they are my mainline units so maybe that's why I have little problems with just about anything they touch. Throw in some chaff, Giants for tar pits, sprinkle some Heart Piercing Boomers top, with Grok and things get smashed. Ogres are very direct IMO.
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              Yeah I would definitely say that Ogres are one of the better armies to deal with Def6 in general.

              I think the advice above is spot on, use chaff such as red goblins to take advantage of their lack of speed. Then either position your siege breakers or Grok to delete them in one turn.

              Or hit them with shooter hordes. 18 shots hitting on 5's does 6 hits so 3 damage on average. You're going to get 2/3 rounds of shooting off on them due to their slow speed so you'll have them on ~9 damage before you need to engage them.

              Or ignore them.
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