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Forces of Nature 2k List - Reviews needed

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  • Forces of Nature 2k List - Reviews needed

    Hey all,

    Working on my new Forces of Nature list, need some opinions -

    Naiad Ensnarers Horde
    Naiad Wyrmriders Horde
    Fire Elemental Horde
    Water Elemental Horde

    Centaur Bray-Striders Regiment
    Centaur Bray-Striders Troop

    Druid w/ Surge
    Druid w/ Surge
    Winged Unicorn
    Centaur Chief

    Beast of Nature w/ Fly and Speed 10, Vicious and 7 attacks
    Beast of Nature w/ Vicious and 7 attacks

    Thoughts? I'll hopefully be giving it a try this weekend, but I wanted to pass it by here for a general opinion.

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    In general terms, i think it's ok. Maybe 2 surge casters is not necesary when you only have 2 shambler units. But in general terms it is good.


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      Yeah I agree that two sources of surge is probably not needed, its unlikely that you're going to get the opportunity for 2 flank charges a turn. Also that's a lot of points put into two wizards that can't do much other than Heal (2) after your elementals have charged.

      I'd put the 105 points you'd save into Lighting Bolts on both of the Beasts of Nature (60 points), a bow on the Centaur Chief (10 points), Brew of Strength on the Ensnarers (30 points) and then a 5 point item somewhere.
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      Elliot M

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        Remember however that druid *without* surge are cheap at 65 points and serve the role of cheap army standard in the FoN army, so you might still want to keep one druid without surge (with just the base heal and maybe another cheap spell or not)


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          True, but the Winged Unicorn and one Druid should be able to cover all of the army well enough with Inspiring.

          Beasts of Nature without Lighting Bolt just feels... wrong
          Elliot M

          "There you go again, cheating by using the rules correctly!"


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            I may be the one player not so convinced by lightning bolt on beasts of nature, it does make them very expensive and much of the time they're in combat anyhow. If you want two druids (and the single casters can be accident prone), I'd look at either splitting one of the hordes into troops or replacing one beast with a greater elemental, to maximise the impact of surge.