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  • late entry into the Lonewolf GT

    late min addition to the Lonewolf, all these UK Guys making it down... once in a lifetime chance to meet them, so going to make a 13 hour drive & sleep in my car [retired on a fix income] But I will be making the dance!

    Horde of Archers w/ Heart Seeking chant
    Reg of Palace Guards w/ War Bow of Kaba
    reg of Forrest Shamblers w/ Brew of Haste
    reg of Forrest Shamblers
    reg of Forrest Shamblers

    mounted BSB w/ Diadem of Dragon Kind
    mounted Mage w/ Blood Boil

    Lord on Dragon w/ Chant of Hate
    Lord on Dragon w/ Healing Brew
    Lord on Dragon w/ Sword of Striking

    2,000 points
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    Yay awesome news! Will be great to catch up with you again George, hopefully we'll get another game in!

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      hell yea... look forward to seeing you again buddy


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        Let me know if you catch anyone napping with the Brew of Haste Vanguard trick.


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          When I does? it pays off big time... makes that roll to who goes first very interesting some games. Being able to vanguard that far up and then having the ability to make a 14 inch charge opens up a lot of possiblities. it's a fantastic item to use on a vanguarding unit. 7/10 times, this unit is my last drop of my deployment. It makes any opponent think twice, now if you nap on it? ... yikes
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            Yeah I pulled that trick a bunch with my Wild Hunter troop unit in my nature army, until people got wise to it. Still affected how they deployed afterwards, so probably still 15 points well spent. You would be amazed how many people who were WHFB holdovers got caught on it because they didn't think a VG unit could charge top of one, or maybe you wouldn't! Glorious when it works. Even better when you can follow it up with fliers.