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  • Using Julius

    I'm thinking about using the Father of Dragons and Mother of Phoenixes. Won my last game by a lot so I can afford to get fluffy.

    The mother is like a kitted-out Phoenix, her job is to heal, combo fireball and inspire. Together with a wizard with amulet, we're talking about 10 lightning bolts.

    Julius...I don't know. I'm not worried about losing but not sure what his job is. He will rout immediately, has no ranged attacks and not that many melee attacks. What is his role?

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    Why will he "rout immediately"? He's -/16 with de6 so you've got to chuck a fair amount of attacks at him to even get a chance at getting rid of him, even before his inspiring reroll?

    8 attacks on 3+ (with elite if you are running the pair) is nothing to be sniffed at, especially given these will double/treble if you get the charge right.

    Would/do you ever use the Ur-Elohi? Julius is simply a better one of those.


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      I used an ur-elohi once and put him on his own in the middle of a forest. This went as well as could be expected :P
      So he's a flank charger or a warmachine hunter?


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        Warmachine hunter/character hunter/shooting disrupter


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          Shooting disrupter against shooting hordes?
          Sounds like an expensive Ur-Elohi after all.
          Going to field him just for giggles...NOT ON HIS OWN IN A FOREST.
          Thanks mates.


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            He's also good combining his charge with something else. While he wont do a lot of wounds they will be reliable and can mean the difference between nothing and a route.