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This is some advance warning that these forums will be closing shortly. The last day will be the 17th December 2018. We have noticed over the past couple of years that traffic on the forum and regular users have both decreased. As a result we’ve taken the difficult decision to close the forums. We’ll still be able to answer rules questions via social media and we’ll produce articles on the Mantic Blog too.

Many thanks to all of you for your contributions and conversations on the pages here. Special thanks are extended to the moderators who have kept things ticking over for us in the background.

If there is any content you wish to keep, please download and save it before the final closing date.
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Ogre concerns

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  • Ogre concerns

    1. Most Ogre units are Large. Only 1 Large per 150pts?

    2. The first Ogre faction spell cant target a model that is engaged but allows it to make a Melee attack. How does this work?

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    1. The Ogre faction rule High and Mighty allows them to have any number of Large Ogre models.
    2. I would guess that the engaged part is a typo if it should do what the spell says, and it should read "target a model that is not knockdown or unengaged" but that is a guess from my part.


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      1. I'm blind. How did I miss that.
      2. Ok


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        1. Rule in faction special abilities.
        2. This is a confirmed typo. Model must be engaged to have a use for the spell results.
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