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    It may overlooked something,but some rules about retinue are not totally clear to me:

    1) How to promote a model to a retinue role ? What I understood is that the leader role + any one other role are free at the creation of the warband. Then, after each game I have the opportunity to promote a model to any vacant retinue role for 3 CG, a vacant retinue role being a role that is not filled at this moment. There is no need to 'unlock' roles or whatever, right ?

    2) About Advancement Option. Are advancement options automatically granted to retinue model with a given role when they reach the appropriate rank or do they have to spend a rank advancement? For example, if my Mauler reaches rank 4, does he automatically gains +1D8 melee dice as long as it stays Mauler and still can take an advancement like a stat increase or a special rule for this rank, or does he only have the opportunity to gain +1D8 melee dice instead of another advancement? I must admin they the wording does not seems quite consistent between the Advancing in rank paragraph on p. 142 (where it looks like a purchasable advancement) and the descriptions of advancement options in the Company retinue pages starting on p .151 (where it looks like an automatic, free advancement).

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    1) As far as I read the rules, no, there is no need to unlock the retinue roles. You just need a vacant one to be ready to be filled and pay the required 3 cg. However, there is a kind of 'unlock' requirement on the models themselves. You can only promote a person to the retinue role if they either a) started in your warband or b) have participated in at least one battle. Without having participated in a battle, the company won't trust the model with the role.

    2) I have to agree that it feels like the retinue bonuses are free. For the Hunter, it seems like you have to pay for your second ranged upgrade, and the 'free power' is permission to buy the second upgrade. The wording on the Arcanist definitely implies the spell is a free bonus, as the cost of learning a new spell is an upgrade and there is no limit to the number of spells. If the Arcanist's retinue bonus isn't free, it's literally without use. Whether the master scout or the healer need to pay to get their bonuses is less definite, but I definitely think the implication is that they are free.


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      1.) Correct. You do not need to "unlock" roles, they always exist. You just have to pay to promote eligible models to them. (Which as Thantrax said, generally means they have to have fought at least 1 battle)

      2.) Depends on the particular Retinue role. If it says they automatically gain the attribute (such as the Leader auto gaining Very Inspiring at rank 5) it's automatic. If it says they "may" gain/take an advance, then it's a normal advance option when they advance.

      A quick list to help (for the advancements):
      Automatic: Leader, Arcanist, Marksman for Hunter, The Healer

      Optional: Melee for the Mauler, Extra range boost for Hunter, Master Scout

      Hope that helps


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        It does, thanks. I feel this deserve to get included in a FaQ.


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          Originally posted by Bichette View Post
          It does, thanks. I feel this deserve to get included in a FaQ.
          In the unofficial one it is.