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Protecting the battlemat from my Join the Vanguard kit

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  • Protecting the battlemat from my Join the Vanguard kit

    My kickstarter treasure has arrived today and I'm pretty giddy like a kid on the last day of school before summer. If I had known how I'd feel about it now, I'd have definitely put in for the neoprene gaming mat. However, hindsight is 20/20 and I have the paper one. It seems like it's printed on very high quality paper and it seems like it is sturdy, I'm very content with the quality. But... in the end it is still a paper map. I'm trying to think of the best way to preserve it for the ages. My initial thoughts are to buy some spray adhesive, some hard board, and some matte varnish. Spray the adhesive onto the hardboard, let it completely dry, then give it a coating of the varnish for protection.

    If anyone has any thoughts as to the success rate of this plan, or has an alternative plan to offer, I'm all ears.

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    Hello Thantrax...I have not gotten my KS as of yet and I think I only got the paper one idea on the map: could you laminate it?



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      Laminating and having an art map to store it would be my spontanous best guess.