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No Kingdoms of Men Warband?

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  • No Kingdoms of Men Warband?

    I got my book last week and just realized that there is no Warband list for Kingdoms of men! Any chance of seeing one at a later date? It seems like Basileans are meant to replace them, but they just don't do it for me. I prefer the landsknecht style. I also suspect I am not the first person to notice this.

    I searched a bit but didn't find any threads already asking this. So if anyone has any information I look forward to hearing it.


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    I have to admit I was surprised to note there was no Kingdoms of Men warband list. It seems like the lists all could use some more fleshing out, but hopefully that is coming soon. For example, I have a card with the stats for the Basilean warband's Ogre Palace Guard, but they only appear in art in the main rulebook. I have to imagine the stats for that are coming, and hopefully when they do, we'll also see some Kingdoms of Men as well.


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      KoM MUST to be the next priority for a list. I personally can't get much use out of my shiny new rulebook until a list is available.


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        Im thinking that warbands that Mantic actually makes figures for are the top priority. Maybe more later?
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          I somehow understand why they did not want to include KoM in the starter set. However, it should be a top priority from now on. I don't need such a list for myself but getting a generic human list is nearly mandatory to bring new people to the game. I heard that Mantic do want to promote their own miniatures and enforce their usage by firstly getting rules for the miniature they produce and providing rules with their miniatures starters and boosters only. I think it is a bad calculation. If people cannot easily get rules for the miniatures they want to play, they won't buy Mantic miniatures to get the cards. They will just look for another game.
          My mate and I went for KoW because we could play our former WFB in KoW. Since we started the game, I bought a 5000 points undead army and a 2000 points abyssal army and he got a 2000 points FoN army. These 3 armies are 90% Mantic. If KoW would not have permitted us to start playing with our WFB models without restriction, we would never a given a chance to it. With Vanguard, Mantic completely change their politic in order to put their models forward in the most mercantile way. This does not help to bring new people to Mantic games but instead tends to alienate their already gained fan base.


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            Ogre Palace Guard & other miniatures whose rules are not covered in the rulebook

            These models will get their cards/rules with the model.

            And one can always use easyarmy or similar sites to get just the rules.

            @missing KoM

            Well depending on the type of human warband one wants to play one can use several other warbands as a count as rule.

            For example if I want to play a human pirate warband I can imagine the orc warband rules seem good, or if one want it a bit shootier than the elves.


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              There will be a KoM warband list coming later this month. It's currently going through final draft, playtesting and fine tuning (as in, it's done, just the points need fine tuning)

              Same for Brotherhood, Salamanders, Varangur, Herd, Ratkin, League and...yes...Twilight Kin.


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                I to love the look of the game. I play KoW in 15mm scale as throwback to beat GWs prices yet still play WFB. That said I have 28mm humans in abundance and 28mm Varangur (Chaos) that are itching to get out and play Vanguard. So looking forward to the other lists appearing.
                ​​​​Basilians just aren't floating my boat yet. Forces of Nature however do but sadly no packs for them yet (for Vanguard).
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                  Great replies here. I am glad I wasn't alone in being worried about KoM. I really like the perspectives with respect to Mantic's business too.

                  The best news is that we have a KoM list being play tested and coming soon!