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  • A request for mantic

    I am very hyped for Vanguard.

    So much so, that I would like to start converting up some models, but I want to do it in a theme (I'm considering steampunky trident realms, or pirate undead)

    But when considering theme, it is always good to know what you are "aiming at", so to speak. In other words, I was wondering what units will be available.

    As I understand, the lists are still somewhat in flux, but is it possible to give us a sneak at what units will be available to each faction?

    I'm not looking for stats, I just want to know what units will be in the "complete" lists, or at least what units are in the pipeline.

    For example (this is obviously complete geuss work):
    Undead: skeleton archers, rotting dogs and a frankenstein's monster.

    Just something like this would be great, if possible.