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  • A few rule questions

    Good day all

    So I had now a few test games of Vanguard, and I really like the system, but one or two interactions cropped up that I found a bit weird.

    1. With spears, say my spearman is knocked down, and 2" behind another of my models who are engaged. Does my engaged model get the +1 dice bonus for having a spear-armed dude behind him?

    2. Say I have 2 models (A and B) standing flush up against one another. Now say my opponent declares a combined assault and places two guys (X and Y) against my guy A. Now since edge to edge is not allowed, this would mean that one of the enemies (X or Y) would be touching BOTH A and B. Does this mean that both A and B is engaged? Basically; can you intentionally engage 2 enemy units?

    3. Question on how to determine the overwhelming modifier in combat. So we had a situation where I got 3 zombies onto one mounted enemy. 1 zombie in the front, and 2 zombies in the flank. Then in his activation he activated a model that engaged my 1 zombie in the front, but did not engage the two zombies in the flank of the mounted fellow.
    Does he get the overwhelming bonus? Because my 1 zombie is touching 2 enemies, even though his one guy also touches 2 other zombies?

    All this might be elegantly explained in the rules and I just missed it, but some clarification would be great.


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    1. As long as they are not engaged the give the bonus die.

    2. Yes, one can charge multiple enemy models, but one can only attack one of them.

    3. As in the rules, he would get the outnumer bonus, although it would be good if this one could be reworded like a bonus die if your total number of models in a fight is larger than your opponantīs model number, or something like that.


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      Thanks for the clarifications TheD

      1. This feels a bit weird to me, but okay.

      2. Makes sense

      3. Okay so basically how you determine if you get the overwhelming bonus or not is like this:
      Look at the enemy unit you are attacking (the defender). If the defender is in contact with more enemies than the attacker, then the attacker gets the overwhelming bonus. Do I understand this correctly?


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        No, thatīs my wish what youīre describing.

        Outnumbering workes like this:
        The attacker receives a bonus die if the defender is already in combat with one or more models from the attacker side which are not fatigued or knocked-down.


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          @1 is wrong too. If the model with the spear is knocked down, they don't contribute/help the combat in anyway either...

          But @3 is well described in the latest post (I mean, we should have had combats pair off...but, you know, realism of a swirling melee... )


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            @1 Where in the rules is this backed up? (Iīm sure this is how itīs meant to be, but the rules say differently if Iīm not wrong)


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              In fairness to you, it isn't explicitly stated in the rules that a knocked down spear doesn't contribute (not specifically stated they do either, but could easily be interpreted that they can because of the ambiguous way it is written), so you could interpret it that way. One for the FAQ I think

              But Rule as Intended is that a knocked down spear wouldn't contribute. But thank you very much for bringing it to our attention.


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                I used to be a referee at large TT tournaments and know sadly the difference between RaI and RaW.

                The FAQ is updated.