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A discussion about Undead Skeletons and lack of Ra

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  • A discussion about Undead Skeletons and lack of Ra

    Undead list has skeletons that are Ra "-" for 6 points. That is kind of odd since the KoW list does have skeleton archers. The Empire of Dust list have skeletons that are Ra 6, and have the Entomb ability (thus they can take bows). They are 6 points as well. EoD also has skeleton archers with the same stats, already carry bows, and still have the Entomb ability for 7 points.

    One would think that this is something that was overlooked in playtesting, unless it is completely intentional (which the reasoning behind eludes me). I am frustrated because I started collecting miniatures to play undead with the purpose of having skeleton archers in it (similar to their existence in KoW), but now I can't. I may not play undead now. /sadface.

    I know that the free lists may not be complete, so I'm hoping that when this product gets out the cards will have undead skeleton archers available for the warband.

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    There is/was a skeleton archer in the full undead list. However, I cannot guarantee it will stay there as the lists are subject to change before launch. However I would imagine it will make the cut and remain as, from a personal stand point, I think it would be an odd choice not to have it do so.

    So, yes, it is a deliberate design choice...

    I can't tell you exactly when the full undead warband will make it out...though I'd expect it sooner rather than later, as they are a popular warband.


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      My guess would be that archers don't express the overall feel of an undead warband (mob of minions) and the starter lists only have so many slots.


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        I think undead will have skeleton archers in the final warband.

        If you go read the Necromancer's raise dead spell, it explicitly states you can raise a skeleton that is NOT an archer. I can't think of any reason why they would add that line if the completed warband did not include skeleton archers.
        Otherwise you might as well add irrelevant things as well:
        Like the necromancer can raise one skeleton that is NOT riding an flying undead deamon frog that can shoot lightning bolts from it's arse.

        Just my speculation though...


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          Archers are coming.

          "It's going to be like loading a bucket of sick into a rapid-firing bazooka"