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Is this still going?

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  • Is this still going?

    It's been 6 quite a while. Is the beta test still running?
    Finally got someone to try the rules, just want to know if it's worthwhile posting feedback.

    If I may, is there any idea of when Vanguard will launch.

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    We're currently proof reading the rulebook which goes to print in the next couple of weeks.

    Feedback is always welcome, so by all means, go ahead and do some playtesting!

    Vanguard was scheduled for launch in October/November this year. Usually there are delays and things get pushed back... but, fingers crossed, from what I have heard...we may well get an early launch in September/October... of course, things could still go wrong, so take that with a grain of salt....


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      All the plastic and print will be back with us late September. The KS will then get prepared and start shipping. Retail is late October.
      "It's going to be like loading a bucket of sick into a rapid-firing bazooka"


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        The rule book goes to print early next week after final fixes from proofing this weekend.
        "It's going to be like loading a bucket of sick into a rapid-firing bazooka"


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          That's good news! I have friend excited to play Northern Alliance.

          Has it changed a lot? Not trying to fish for details, but I want to know if playing the beta rules in the mean time would give me a feel for it.


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            A little...but not a huge amount. The Beta rules will definitely still give you the feel. We tightened a few wordings up and fixed a few loop holes, but the the basic rules remain the same.