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Going to ground voluntiraly

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  • Going to ground voluntiraly

    (I’ll just continue making thread about things I notice. Hopefully they will be read eventually…)

    Should there be an option to do so?
    Maybe combined with an additional penalty for shooting knocked-down models?
    I know they count as half their height, but that’s about it, and I feel there is an option missing.

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    Something to consider maybe. Probably a little late to add it to the rules now...but maybe an optional rule in a future supplement.

    Currently, being knocked down (what I take you to mean by "going to ground", but please correct me if I am wrong) is almost completely negative. But I could see it as useful for hiding behind objects, especially if you add a rule that makes people harder to hit with ranged weapons when they're on the ground (which is somewhat realistic). Trade off being that you can't move, have to expend a move action to get up, and you're more vulnerable to melee....

    Definately worth considering as an optional rule in a future expansion...


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      Yes, this is what I was thinking off.

      Since we are going to try playing a campaign with the rules known so far, I spent the last days (or weeks already?) developing some campaign rules we could use with Vanguard.
      Anyway, the list of learnable skills there will include some new abilities, one of them adding this option.
      If it’’'s alright, I'’’ll post them somewhere here at a later point when they are in more finished and presentable form. Maybe they can be of some help… if you are currently doing the upcoming official version, Idk. At least they are a possible way of adding such an option if it is missing in the main rules.
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        By all means. The Rules Committee members read the forums and will always look at and consider suggestions for rules. Feedback from the community is really important in developing the best game possible


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          Well, is it and are they?
          It took quite a time before I got an answer from one of you, and my first thread, about Twilight Kin, was waiting even longer without getting any attention despite including a direct question at the devs. Chances were good that I just abandon lurking the forum out of disappointment or you can call it impatience.

          I’m was even more surprised not finding a living discussion here during a beta, with or without attention from committee or development members, but the question for reasons would lead even further off the topic.


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            Yes and Yes...most definitely, I can answer that.

            With regards to your question on the Twilight Kin...that is a question for the Devs more than the RC, simply because it concerns the direction Mantic intend to take them/go with them and how they intend to develop them as a faction in the future. As such, I wouldn't want to comment on it and step on any of Mantics staff's toes...or worse, give you wrong info! O_O

            I CAN tell you that, at this time, the RC have not been developing or working on a Twilight Kin list for Vanguard and it does not seem likely they will get a list at the launch of the game.

            I would suggest that the work and ideas you've done so far would work well for a homebrew version of them to tide you or or as a 'get you by' until a more concrete decision with regards to them is taken.

            I hope that helps


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              It does indeed, thank you!
              This info would have been a help in the TK a while back already, but at least it does now.

              Since you say that some of the question better be answered by the devs: Do you know if they are they reading here at all? It’s not like there was much to read...


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                I know that Matt Gilbert (lead designer for Vanguard) does usually read and contribute on the forums, though I also know he's been a bit busy recently (the last couple of weeks at least) with double workloads and getting Vanguard into production.


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                  Alright, thx,
                  Then I’ll continue as intended with our campaign, but wait for him to show up before I make the effort of writing any reports en English.