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  • Expendable Units

    I'd like to initiate giving some units a special rule, which makes them not count against the number of models the warband started with and lost for the purpose of breaking.

    A rule like this is necessary for units like slaves (I hope we'll see more sorts of), orclings and similar rabble and would legitimize tactics containing calculated sacrifices of property.

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    I may have already included something like that in a draft for the brotherhood list


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      Ah, finally someone answering. Thanks for that. ^^

      So, of all the factions, the Brotherhood is the one that could get a rule like this? Not even one of the greenskin or slaver factions, but one of the “good” ones… this was unexpected.


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        Well, Orcs and such were already done, and tend to focus on their own orc-y units rather than slaves in combat.
        I could have seen an argument for Abyssal Dwarfs having something similar, as they'd send slaves in, and maybe Verminkin.... but I considered that Brotherhood should ignore Villeins for purpose of size and break point (the knights simply don't care).

        Outside of that, in small, Elite skirmish warbands, you probably wouldn't take a huge number of expendable slaves.... they're not very elite


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          Oh, but the game has an entire unit type for units whose entire commonality consist of being not very elite.

          With orcs I was thinking about units like orclings who take, kind of, the place of WH snots in this sense, and they even had appropriate special rules IIRC.
          But…... oh well...… can’t do anything now, I guess.

          And yes, underlining the elitism and the gap between the statuses in the Brotherhood is a good idea, too.
          It's just that other factions have good reasons to behave like this by nature rather than by education.
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